25 December 2008

Season's Greetings!

Season's greetings! I'm wishing everyone the best that life has to offer this holiday season and through all seasons to come :-)
Once again I decided to play dress up or is it ummm...dress down inside my closet. Hahaha! Do I make a convincing Santa? I'm the type of Santa who only rewards naughty boys though. LOL! I'm looking for a gym buddy. Wala kasi akong kaalalay especially when working out here at home. It's so boring. I hope I find one. Mga friends ko naman walang hilig sa gym. Pilitin ko nga sila.

I have to excuse myself now and put on some clothes before I catch a cold. Weather's a little chilly, if only someone can help me keep warm & cozy. Anyone? Anyone? Hahaha! ;-) Lagot na naman ako sa bf ko! Mangungurot na naman siya! LOL! See ya all next year!!!

06 December 2008

A Pug's Life

Enzo's growing up very fast. I hope he grows up healthy & strong. I love my li'l pug. Sometimes pets are better than people. All you do is feed them and take care of them and they will love you forever. Click on the photos if you wish to enlarge them :-)

He's very affectionate. Look at that captivating smile. Look at those tantalizing eyes. LOL!

I always look forward to playing with him at the end of the day. Totally relieves my stress. He still needs to learn how to pose in front of the camera. Parang 'di siya tuloy nagmana sa akin. Haha!

He gets a high whenever I rub his chest & tummy :-)

He loves climbing on my lap and jumping off. But there was one time he peed on my lap. That little rascal!!! I forgave him. He's too cute to get mad at.

And here he is showing off his ASSet the way I showed mine in a certain vid. LOL! Hahaha! LOL!
Happy Holidays!!!! Yeah yeah! My tree still needs some work on. My bf will take care of it. Decorating isn't my forte :-)

The Cranberries - You and Me

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24 November 2008


My name is Rey, and I'm an insomniac....
I started experiencing this sleep disorder during my early 20's. Usually I fall asleep around 1 or 2 am, but sometimes it's around 5am. Thank goodness I work for my father :-p

08 November 2008

Puppy Love

Enzo my bf's little pug is spending the weekend at my house. For such a small pup, he sure packs a lot energy. Enzo's so playful & friendly. I'm gonna miss him once he goes back to the city. I love the little mutt. I'm not gonna miss Enzo's pooping and pissing though. Ewww! Hahaha! Good thing we've already trained him to do his "dirty deed" on the litter box :-)I had my hair shaved again a few days ago. My closest friends emailed me asking me why the radical change. They said that people sometimes do things with their look or hair as a reflection of things bothering them. I don't know. Maybe this was a subconscious act or something. There are things bothering me but I just want to keep them to myself. This is the last time I'm gonna be a skinhead. Kasi tinutukso ako ng mga friends ko. Naging kahawig ko raw 'yung isang contestant sa isang reality show na may mga castaways sa isang island. Hmp! I like his body though. Yumyum! Woof woof! Hehehe! ;-) I'm wearing my favorite tee, but Ryan hates it! He doesn't want me wearing it or wearing any sleeveless shirt for that matter whenever we go out especially in Makati. He says that only "moneyboys" wear sleeveless shirts while malling or clubbing in the city. My gosh! Do I look like a moneyboy? Hmp! Antipatiko! :-( Kurutin ko bilbil niya eh. Hehe. I have my own money you know? I have lots of centavoses in my piggy bank. LOL!

General Public - Tenderness

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26 October 2008


In all my years of blogging, I often encounter emails asking me about this & that, so I gathered up some of the frequently asked questions which I'm going to answer as directly as I can in today's post. Wala kasi akong makwento kaya ito nalang pinost ko. Haha!

Q: What's your job?
A: I'm engaged in the family biz which deals with printing and manufacturing.
Q: What are your stats?
A: I'm 33 years old. I'm not tall, I'm only 5'7" and I weigh around 130lbs.
Q: What are your interests?
A: I love to edit videos, gym, going to the movies, videogames, eating out and trying different restaurants. I love to eat ya know? :-)
Q: Why do you often post shirtless pics of yourself?
A: It's because I want to keep track of how my body's been improving or not improving throughout the years. Add to that the fact that my blog seems to get more hits whenever I post such pics. LOL :-)
Q: You said that you're a G4M member, how many G4M members have you met & played with?
A: I've lost track of the numbers. Not more than 30, +/-12 of which I were "naughty" encounters. This was all in the span of +/- 2 years that I've been a member. I got really active especially when I was still single. However, when I began my relationship with my bf, it's very seldom that I meet members anymore even if members asked me to meet on a friendly basis. Don't worry I'm not gonna name names. I respect other people's privacy.
Q: Are you in an open relationship?
A: It depends on my bf's mood. Hahaha! Sometimes he allows me to have "fun" with others. Lately he's been a little strict. It's probably that ummm...time of the month again. LOL! Love ya babe!
Q: Have you done/acted in any blue or adult movie?
A: This is a strange question but it pops up from time to time. No, I haven't done any of those stuff.
Q: What turns you on?
A: Good character, good conversations, sense of humor, nice physique, fresh smelling body, bronze/exotic, tan lines down under ;-) Still, no matter how attractive the person is physically, if he had an unpleasant personality, I wouldn't waste my time on him.
Q What turns you off?
A: Drama queens, hypocrisy, people who think too highly of themselves thinking that they're better than everybody else, immaturity, homophobia, freeloaders, judgmental people, lack of common sense.

Q: When did you come out? Do you regret being gay?
A: I came out in 2003. Sometimes I think that life would have been a lot simpler and easier if I was straight, but I do not regret being gay. I don't hate myself that much as to say that I regret being queer.
Q: What's your view on gay marriage?
A: Marriage is legal right that should be given to all people regardless of sexual orientation. I believe that to deny homosexuals the basic rights as the right to be legally married, is like the government treating us as if we are 2nd class citizens. I'm pro gay marriage.
Q: Define good sex?
A: I often get emails about sex. Hahaha! I'm not a sex expert ok? I just enjoy doing the deed. Haha! Well, good sex for me involves love & mutual physical attraction. I'm not into casual sex. I just don't immediately have sex with anyone. I have to get to know the person first for me to get comfortable with him in bed later on so that I'll deliver a good performance that'll result in an encore. LOL! ;-)
Q: Why does it take you long to make new videos?
A: It's because I'm preoccupied with other matters (i.e. work) and it's difficult finding a third person who can assist my bf and I in making videos. Assisting means also becoming the cameraman and becoming one of the actors in the vid. Most Filipino gay men are discreet & are conscious of being outed.
Q: Why do you often choose 80s or old songs in your videos?
A: I love classic songs. 80's music reminds me of my youth and childhood :-) I don't like the fashion and hairstyle from that decade though. Mullet hair. Acid washed jeans. Aquanet. Shoulder pads. Eww! Haha!
Q: Do you have a Friendster account?
A: Not anymore. I deleted my Friendster account a few months ago.
Q: Have you encountered any homophobic comments reactions on your blog and videos?
A: Yes, I do receive homophobic comments, hateful messages, and destructive criticisms from time to time. I just delete those kinds of messages and move on. Trashy people are not worth my time.
This is all for now. Have a nice day :-)

19 October 2008

Sleeping Single

A weekend at home. Not going anywhere. Just a quiet weekend here in the province of Bulacan. Ryan's away on work assignment something. It's been two weeks since I last saw him. I'm used to it...long-distance relationship that is. My hair's growing back. I'm glad. Meron pala akong very maliit bald spot at the back of my head. Poknat ba tawag don? LOL! I have a receding hairline yet the rest of my hair grow like weeds :-) Click the pic if you wanna enlarge it so you can see my zits and stuff. Hahaha!
I'm trying to fall asleep but at the same time contemplating about someone. It's when I'm in bed alone that things start going through my mind. I feel bad because I had unintentionally hurt someone's feelings. The guy mistook my being friendly towards him as something else. I admit that I am somewhat playful and a little flirtatious but I would never ever mislead someone and mess with someone's mind & emotions because I'm afraid of karma biting me in the ass. My bf can bite my ass, but not karma. LOL!
I got a text message from him yesterday. He said that he still wants to have a "relationship" with me. I told him that he should be fair towards himself and move on. Right now, I can't even suggest friendship because if I did then he might have a hard time moving on. As the older one, I should be responsible and think of his well-being. The guy's only 24. I really like him and it pains me to let go. Ryan's gonna reprimand me again. "Stop being too friendly, people might get a wrong impression of you", that's what he would say.

Phil Collins – One More Night

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13 October 2008

This and That

My mother hates my hair or lack of it for that matter. Hehehe! She told me never to get it shaved anymore because it makes me look less friendly, like some bad guy in a movie. LOL! Mukha daw akong salbahe. Nyek! Yuck! My face was so thin back in February. That pic was taken a week or so after recovering from a fever. However, my bf's a little "friskier" lately bec. of the new look. Fetish daw niya ang kalbo! Hehehe! And I seem to be getting more stares. LOL! I'm not sure if they're complimentary stares though. Hahaha! I was only experimenting with my look for a change. My hair is already receding anyway. So, which one do you prefer? :-)

Business has been slow lately. I hope it picks up before the year ends so that everyone (my parents and my employees) here will have good holiday season :-)

Ryan's got a new pooch. His name is Enzo. He currently lives with Ryan. He's so cute. I hope Enzo never grows up and stays a pup forever so that I can always carry him around! Hehehe!

08 September 2008

Closing Time

A lot of changes going on in my life. I may not be able to blog for the time being. I'll be back someday...bigger and better and umm....bolder??? Hehehe! Promise!

I dedicate the song below to my loyal blog readers....all umm...5 of them? Hehehe. I chose a happy song because that's what I want people to feel whenever they browse my blog. MWAH! :-)

06 September 2008


I was tinkering with my Yahoo Messenger yesterday & I stumbled upon its "Message Archive" feature. It's only then that I realized that I had turned on its "save conversations". I had fun reading the transcripts of chat sessions I did with my friends and online buddies most of which were dated back as far as 2004...until I got to read the archive of one particular person...my ex. I couldn't believe how determined I was in making that relationship work. I also couldn't believe the emotional rollercoaster I've gotten myself into in that relationship lasting more than 2 years. I didn't know what to feel upon going through that archive. I was happy, but for the most part, I was sad. The past coming back to haunt me.

Ryan (my bf) told me to let go. I told him I've already moved on. I wouldn't be in a relationship with Ryan if I haven't moved on. I wouldn't have introduced him to my family if I haven't moved on and I plan to move on together with Ryan for a long time UNLESS he does something really offensive. If so, I'll drop an anvil on his family jewels while he sleeps. Hahaha! Kidding! Babe, pag sinaktan mo ang busilak kong puso susumbong kita sa pamilya & umm...aapat kong loyal na blog readers. Bigla ka na lang mawawala. Lagot ka! LOL! Hahaha!
I bear no anger nor hatred towards my ex. I've learned a lot from my relationship with him & I wish him well in his life wherever he may be.
I'm only posting my past as a small reminder towards myself as to what I should and should not do in my present & in my future.

23 August 2008


I've been getting some emails requesting if I could post another "mischievous" pic of myself. Ok, request granted. I asked Ryan (bf) to take this pic of myself before we went to sleep. We didn't sleep after the shot. LOL! Self-control, babe. Self control! LOL! ;-p This is truly the last time I would post such a photo of myself. I'll be 33 next month which means I'm too old to do this kind of stuff.

On another note, Ryan won't let me go out even on a friendly meeting with a G4M member. I'm not going to do anything naughty....without his permission. Hahaha! Kidding! Kidding! Love ya babe! Mwah! I'm just so bored. All I do is work and then go home. I want to meet new people. See new faces. Click the pic if you wanna enlarge it.

13 August 2008

Infatuation 2008

It's that time of the year again wherein I name the men who have become the object of my affection and obsession. Hahaha! Last year I named five, this year I'll only name three.
3rd spot goes to David Beckham. He's handsome, fashionable, and he's very good with balls. He can handle mine anytime. Hahaha!
Coming on 2nd is Filipino celebrity, Coco Martin. The guy's soooo cute! But he's not just a pretty face, he happens to be a very talented actor as well. Umm...look at that package. Wow! Hehehe!
And in 1st place is no other than the crush of my life...Ricky Martin. I love you Ricky! Why won't you notice me? When are we gonna shake our bon bons together huh? When? Ricky Martin marry me! My bf has allowed me to elope with you. He even packed my bags. Hahaha! Dream on Rey. Dream on....
Click on a photo that you wish to enlarge.

Oh by the way, Digitel DSL Service SUCKS! I'm always encountering problems with their service. Mahigit isang libo binabayad ko a month pero ang bagal bagal ng server nila, lagi pang may problema. Damn Digitel!


This is the result I got when I tested my internet speed and this is on a good day. Usually results are lower, as in +/-30kbps. Slower than a freaking dial-up! So slow that it takes more than 10 mins. to open my Yahoo mail. Sometimes I can't even check my important emails. This is not the speed that I subscribed & pay 1,000+ Pesos a month for. It's so frustrating having to call and complain to them everyday and they won't even give me a timeframe on when it's gonna be fixed. Digitel's DSL Service isn't a "service" at all. It's more of an irritation.

02 August 2008


I'm just here resting on my sofa. Haven't been feeling tops for almost a week. I just feel down. In my eagerness to make new friends, I ended up being with toxic ones...people who are merely there to benefit from me physically, emotionally, whatever, and not thinking of what I might feel. Akala ko 'pag mabuti pakikitungo mo sa ibang tao ganun din gagawin nila sa iyo. Mag tetreinta y tres anyos na ako di pa rin ako natututong mag-ingat. Masyadong madaling magtiwala. Masyadong mabait daw. It's true, nice guys sometimes finish last. Well, I have my family & partner. They are the ones who love & accept me no matter what. I'm fortunate & thankful to have them in my life. Akala ko kaibigan ko siya. I've been thinking of buying new wheels for a long time now. It started when I was driving my car (a sedan) at the nearby town of Marilao on my way to the mall where I buy my groceries, and suddenly there was a hard downpour of rain and before I knew it, flooded streets already. Sedans aren't meant for flooded streets. That's when I realized that I need an SUV. I've been eyeing the Suzuki Jimny. It's a 4x4, it's not that expensive and, it's so cute! I looove cute cars! It's small, which means I can easily park it. I have a hard time parallel parking you know? Hehehe! I also like the Ford Escape. It's a lot bigger though. Bigger cars = more fuel consumption. Well, I have to think about this for a while. Until fuel prices begin to drop or stabilize, I'm stuck with my car and my trusty 10 year-old van for the time being :-)

This van is cute too. Would like to drive it. Umm...but does it mean everything in it comes doggie style? Hahaha! Woof! Woof! :-)

23 July 2008

Gay Life 4: Pressure

I'm pressured to get fit, just like most gay men.
Why do I love eating rice so much? I can't control it. ;-)

a much better quality of this video at http://youtube.com/toyo925

19 July 2008


It was a boring week. Nothing exciting happened. Boring boring boring! All I did everyday this week as I would usually do was to work and then go home. Nothing really much to do here in the province. Ryan told me that I should have my passport renewed. I don't wanna fall in line at the DFA (Dept. of Foreign Affairs). It's now required to have a personal appearance when you renew your Philippine passport because they're gonna scan your finger prints. Kakatamad pumila. Fortunately I can apply for a renewal online and request/schedule for a personal meeting through their website. I still have to wake up early to travel to their office in Manila though.

Ryan told me that he plans to bring me somewhere on my birthday which is why I need to renew my passport. As long the flight doesn't take more than an hour, I'll be fine. I hate long flights. I get terrible airsickness and then I throw up. It's so humiliating. Even after the plane had already landed I would still get dizzy and hurl. It's one of my biggest fears :-( The only good thing when I hurl inside a plane is when a handsome flight attendant comforts me. Hehehe! I just want to spend my birthday locally/here in the country. I want to spend it on a beach resort, like in Palawan or Boracay or Davao. Babe! Nagpaparinig ako sa'yo. Hahaha!

09 July 2008

Video Blog: Good To Be Back :-)

It's been quite a long time since I last videoblogged. I made this vid weeks ago. It's only now that I was able to have time to finish editing it. Hehehe! Once again I ranted about my crush and bf. I attempted to sing. And I tried to strip in the video and showed my tummy. Hahaha!
Adjust the volume so you can hear it properly :-)

more of my vids at: http://youtube.com/toyo925

29 June 2008

Gay Pride 2008

Went to Malate,Manila last night to celebrate Gay Pride! It was a lot of fun. So many cute men. So many parties. However, unlike last year's Gay Pride celebrations, people weren't allowed to celebrate the event on the streets. No street parties/shows this year. The city's mayor didn't allow it I guess. It was still a lot fun. Sorry about the quality of the pics, we only used our phone's camera to shoot them.

Ryan (my bf) and I went inside BED, one of the popular "rainbow" bars in Malate. It was so hot inside because the place was jam-packed with people. I shouldn't have worn a long-sleeved shirt. My goodness! Puro pawis tuloy ako.
I enjoyed the programs presented inside the bar, particularly the drag queens and the Boy George & Diana Ross impersonators.

I also got to hang-out with one of my cute buddies (whose name I will not disclose to protect his privacy) from Friendster. The first time that we got in touch with each other was during Gay Pride 2007. We've been wanting to meet again since then but something always happened along the way (on my part) that caused me to cancel our scheduled meetings. I promised him that I'll definitely meet up with him on this year's Pride event. I also promised him a kiss to make up for my failings in the past...and so I did. Once we were inside BED I gave him a kiss. Ryan was with me & he gave me his permission of course. The guy and I kissed several times on the 2nd floor where there were less people. Hehehe. I wanted to ask him if he and I could have some alone time with each other, but I was too shy to tell him because I have a crush on him. He's so sexy and "moreno." Pinakikiramdaman ko pa siya eh. Baka ayaw pala niya sumama, mabroken heart pa ako diba? LOL! ;-)

16 June 2008


Nothing really significant to talk about. No hot gossips, no scandals. LOL! Last weekend I was at Ryan's pad. I was bored so I asked him to show me around town Saturday night. We went to Taguig/Fort, it was boring. Nothing new there so we headed to Malate. Same old stuff going on there too. Same types of people; the elites, the wannabees, daddies, twinks, hunks, chunks, drunks, fag hags, fashion winners, fashion disasters, posers, jologs, etc., etc. We had coffee & some mango crepes at Cafe Adriatico. The guy who prepared our crepes was cute. Maputi siya at chinito. I wasn't in the mood to cruise though. Ryan asked me if it's ok with me if he flirted with the guy. I said that it's fine. I'll only be upset if he flirted with someone who is not cute. Hahaha! Kung makikipagflirt siya, dapat yung sa pogi at mabango lang, tapos irekomend niya sa akin kung ok ang performance. Itest drive niya muna bago ko ibreak in. Hehe! Biro lang ;-)

I know his taste in men. He's attracted towards fair-skinned, "chinito" (chinky-eyed/Chinese looking), tall guys. I on the other hand am more drawn towards "moreno" (bronze-skinned), lean, or sometimes borderline stocky/muscular men. Height is not an issue as long he's not too short nor too tall for me. I'm only 5'7" Boohuhu! :-( I think "chinitos" and "tisoys" (fair-skinned men) are also cute but I find "morenos" exotic and hot. However, no matter how attractive a person is physically, if he had an unpleasant personality or no personality at all (my gosh!), then I wouldn't waste my time on him.

04 June 2008

Lonely Nights

Haven't been with Ryan (bf) for almost a month now. We usually spend the weekends together, but the company he works for has given him extra assignments on Saturdays & Sundays, so he told me not to bother driving all the way to the city to visit him because I'll only get annoyed since he won't be able to give time for me & entertain me. It's ok. We've already grown accustomed to this kind of long-distance relationship for 2 years now. Sometimes I jokingly tell him to quit his job and go work for me instead, all he needs to do as my employee is to cook good food & lay on my bed....with his legs spread open. Hahaha! Magluluto lang siya at dadapa sa kama ko. LOL! I miss my big baby bear! Hehe! ;-)

It's June once again, which means it's Gay Pride month. Yehey! I can't wait to attend the "White Parties." White Parties are series of celebrations held annually that cater to the gay and lesbian community wherein attendees have to wear white clothing. These parties usually take place on the last week of June. I'm excited because I'll be meeting some of my online friends (Friendster & G4m) on these occasions. Ryan will be with me. Sana 'wag siyang magmaton mode baka matakot mga ka-eyeballs ko. Baka wala akong ma-take home na cutey. Hahaha! Biro lang. See ya at the World Trade Center or Malate or Makati, etc. ;-)

18 May 2008


Ryan and I had an argument recently. Nainis talaga ako sa kanya! Ryan told me that he wanted to do a makeover on me starting with my hair. We always argue about my hair. I want my hair cut really short. He wants it to just have an average length and also spiked like the one I had a few months ago. So, he brought me to the salon of his choice somewhere in Greenbelt. After the shampoo girl washed my hair and brought me to the cutting area I looked around and my bf was nowhere in sight. I texted him and called him because I didn't know what haircut he wanted on me that time, but he wasn't answering. His phone was off. I was starting to get annoyed so I just told the stylist to cut my hair short. After I had my haircut. I kept looking around the salon but still no sign of bf. After I paid the bill, I walked around the mall, calling him on my cellphone over and over until he finally answered....10 minutes later. He was in the grocery store. When I finally met him at Rustan's his first reaction was "yan din haircut mo dati eh" "that's the same haircut you had." He said that with a disappointed/disdained look on his face.

My fuse was beginning to overload. Gusto ko ng manigaw ng tao. Gusto ng lumabas ang pagkatoyo ko. But I just kept quiet because there's a saying that if you don't want to say anything nice nor hurtful, then you shouldn't say anything at all. Tapos siya pa yung parang naiinis sa akin kung bakit tahimik ako at 'di siya pinapansin. Di niya magets. Sa isip-isip ko lang gusto kong sabihin "sarap mong banatan ha!" Pero at one point nung naghahanap na kami ng restaurant to have dinner in, medyo nataasan ko siya ng boses kasi napuno na ako pag inarte niya. Mabuti nga sa kanya! Nung nililigawan niya ako bait bait niya tapos ngayon nagiinarte/nagsusuplada siya. Che! Hahaha! I think some people were staring at us while we were walking along the mall. I'm a very "transparent" person. It shows on my face if I'm angry. Anyway, if there's one thing that could calm me, it's good food. I ordered some prawns with a sauce mixed with crab fat at Mr. Rockefeller's. Yum! Yum! He ordered a plate of oysters with melted cheese on top, and bourbon ribs. I was ok after my stomach was full. Food is good "therapy." It did take a toll on my tummy though. My abs are now gone. Wala na siya! Takaw ko kasi! I should cut down on rice. But it's so hard. Tapos nagkakazits pa ako. Kainis 'tong katawan ko, walang pakisama! My gosh! ;-)

10 May 2008

Bye Bye Summer!

The rains are becoming more frequent as days pass by. Another season is once again beginning to turn. I guess I have to say farewell to my favorite time of the year. Time to say goodbye to summer and unfortunately prepare for the monsoon season. To think that I haven't even made any summer flings yet. Hehehe! Pero I still have 3 weeks left para makahanap. June pa naman kasi talaga ang official start ng rainy season diba? Hahaha! Lagot ako sa bf ko. My bf's gonna reprimand me again and sermon me with matching fire & brimstones & thunders & roaring effects in the background. Haha! I love you baby! He did however, give me his permission to be Ricky Martin's fling. Ricky Martin, I will always love you! Marry me! Call me! Text me Ricky! Sige na! Hahaha! Dream on Toyo! Dream on! LOL!

I'm not fond of the rainy season. The only rain I like is Madonna's song "Rain".

20 April 2008

Home Is Where The Heart Is....

My bf (Ryan) and I come from completely two different worlds. He's a city guy and I'm a provincial bloke or as we refer to here in the Philippines, a promdi. I prefer living here in the province. It's less stressful, people are a lot nicer, the skies seem to be a lot clearer, and I like seeing the vast expanse of greenery. However, it can get a little boring here in Bulacan, sometimes :-)
Ryan on the other other hand loves the fast, busy life of the metropolis. I only go to the city if I'm to visit him, usually on a weekend when the streets of Makati are free from traffic, and then he I would go shopping or clubbing, and watch cute guys partying in the clubs though we're not that active in the club scene anymore. I guess we're getting older :-(
The view atop my home's deck

The view from the terrace of Ryan's condo

12 April 2008


My sis knocked on my bedroom in the wee hours of this morning because she kept hearing a "cracking" noise inside the guest/storage room. We were surprised to find out that the tiles on the floor were the cause of the noise. The floor tiles were popping/folding up! Umaangat sila! My gosh! The floor tiles were actually moving and folding up as we stood inside the room. It was eerie hearing the cracking noise of the tiles as we watched them "move" as if it was a scene in a movie.
The "movement" seemed to have started in the middle of the room, underneath the bed. I decided to remove the tiles because I was concerned that maybe there's damage or a crack on the structure of the floor. Fortunately I found no crack but I noticed small holes.

I'm not really concerned about the tiles getting broken. I don't like those tiles anyway and I can always replace them. I'm worried about the structure of the floor because the room it's in happens to be on the 2nd floor. I'm gonna have to employ an engineer to look onto this. Thinking about the possibility of having to fix the entire floor is already giving me a headache because I know it won't be easy since the floor is made of cement. All of the floors in my home is cemented even the one in my bedroom BUT I had wooden panels attached to the floor of my master bedroom to make it look different from the rest of the other rooms. Hehehe!

This is so annoying! Hay naku sakit na naman ng ulo. Gastos na naman :-(

03 April 2008

Conflict of Interest....

Stopped by at SM Marilao late in the afternoon. I needed to buy a car shampoo. I thought it was going to be another boring day, but as I was browsing along the car section of Ace Hardware, I came across "Richard" (not his real name). It's been months since I last saw him. Richard and I used to be "friends with benefits." I met him through a website. He's a year older than me. Tall and handsome. We used to have lots of fun. We play together, enjoy each other's company, and then go our separate ways. Just pure, clean, no-strings-attached fun. It was the perfect setup until one afternoon, after doing what we normally do, he asked me if we could elevate our relationship from mere bed buddies to something more serious. At first I laughed thinking he was joking, but as I looked into his eyes, I realized he wasn't. An uncomfortable air of silence started filling the room we were in as we stared at each other. I told him "Do you even understand what you're asking us to do?" He replied, "Yes" and it was a strong Yes! He is aware of the fact that I'm already in a relationship. My bf is also aware that I have someone I exclusively "play with" during times when he's away and busy, and vice versa.

I said to Richard, "You're charming, handsome, well-educated, you have a good job. You can easily get any man you want. So why settle on being the third wheel in a relationship? All of us will only end up getting hurt." He was quiet afterwards. We both were. We started putting our clothes on. I hugged him. I left his home and went my own way. I didn't want to stay longer because I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I would never ever do anything that would intentionally hurt Rich's feelings or anyone else's. It was a pleasant surprise seeing him today after a long time. I smiled at him when I caught him glancing at me. He approached me. We said our hi's and hello's. As I was about to head towards the cashier, he held my hand, looked directly into my eyes and asked "Why?" I answered, "because it's what's best for all of us." It was difficult walking away. It was the right choice.

28 March 2008

On My Side Of The Bed

The result of the summer heat...
If only there was someone I could further heat things up with on my side
of the bed.... Naughty ain't I? Hehe..

This will be the last time I post a photo of myself wearing only my undies. The only reason I posted this pic is because some of my blog's readers requested it. Lagot ako kay papa Ryan, baka.......ma excite siya sa picture, kung ano pa gawin niya....Hahaha! Have a nice day :-)

My blog's 3 years old this month. Yehey!
I hope I'll be able to continue blogging for a long time :-)

24 March 2008


KAINIIISSS!!! May nakakainis na nangyari sa akin. It's so nakakainis that I'm just gonna smile and pretend/lie to myself that all of it didn't happen. Plastik no? Hahaha!
I swear, I will never let anything like that happen again. Ever!!! Basta, kainis talaga. Crush ko pa naman iyon. Babawi ako next time. Hehehe! Kaya lang pano kung di na magkaroon ulit ng chance? Boohuhu! :-( Ma-raid na nga lang ang fridge. Pero I just remembered that I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. Nakalimutan ko mag grocery ngayon. Oh no! KAASAAARRR!!!

14 March 2008

Out Of The Blue

While waiting for our lunch to arrive, Ryan as he would usually do while we're waiting for our food, took a photo of me :-) The weather seems to be getting hotter & hotter here in the Philippines with each passing day. Another season has turned. Summer has finally arrived. What's hotter though was what took place more than a month ago which I wasn't able to post here in my blog. I was busy kasi :-) Anyway, what happened was out of the blue, one of my high school batchmates (whose name I shall not disclose because I value his privacy) texted me. He said that he's interested in getting to know me more & hoped that I also felt the same way. Ayyy!!!! Napansin daw niya ako during the reunion pero di daw kami nagkaroon ng chance to talk. Nahiya daw siya. I asked him how he got my number. He told me that he researched it from our other batchmates. Ayyy!!! Again!!!! Hahaha! By the way, hindi ito yung sinasabi kong crush ko nung high school ha. Hindi ko na iyon masyadong crush. Ibang batchmate itong kinukwento ko. He asked me if he could visit me at my place. I said, "ok".

He arrived around 7 or 8pm. He's a cutey! I didn't recognize him because he has changed a lot from what I've seen on our yearbook. He was very quiet while we were watching tv in the living room and then suddenly he popped the question! May chance daw ba na maging kami! My gosh!!!! He asked, if there's a possibility of him and I being together. Biglang humaba at kumapal tuloy ang hairline ko. LOL! I told him though, that I'm already in a relationship. If I was single, I'll probably give it a try. He visited me some more. Biniro ko nga siya eh, sabi ko nanliligaw ka wala man lang dalang chocolates. Maski Curly Tops na chocolates masaya na ako. Hehehe. Nagulat siya kasi kaibigan ko pala ang ex niya. He was surprised to know that one of my friends happens to be his ex. Uh oh! Small world ;-) He and I still text each other from time to time. I know it will not be hard for him to find a partner. First of all, he's very cute and lovable. I already have a soft spot for him in my heart. I wish him nothing but the best.

Always Be My Baby – David Cook Music Code

07 March 2008

The Wrong Impression?

I've been getting some emails lately. What's interesting is that majority of those emails are often sexual in nature, meaning they ask me about my sex life. Hahaha! I don't think my blog and my youtube videos are that sexually suggestive though. Kayo talaga ha? LOL! Sure, I talk about some sex stuff in my blog and I post shirtless pics of myself like the one below. Pang akit ko lang mga pictures kong ganito. Para madagdagan yung aapat kong blog readers. Hahaha! But compared to other blogs out there, I think mine is quite tame.

Am I giving the world the wrong impression? Hehehe! I'm actually shy & timid in real life. Believe me, I'm as innocent and bashful as a tiny, fluffy bunny rabbit. LOL! Maniwala naman kayo sa akin! Sige na ;-)


An alarming thing occurred this week. I discovered.........4 strands of white hair on my head. Noooo!!! Boohuhu! Was it caused by me getting sick a few weeks ago and the heavy meds I was taking during that time, or is this genetics at work? I don't wanna have white strands of hair. I'm only 32! When I turn 40 I'll accept it but not right now, I love my black hair. Boohuhu! :-(

23 February 2008


I feel better now. I was sick with fever for almost a week. When I was sick I also had a zit that got infected, add to that a swollen throat, and I injured my gum while brushing. It was hell. There were times I just broke down in tears because I was all alone in my house. I didn't want to ask help from my family because I'm ashamed to ask help from them. I'm already 32, I should be the one taking care of myself whenever I'm sick. My parents aren't that young anymore, and my sisters have their own families to take care of. Fortunately, my bf (Ryan) came over and took care of me. I really needed him to be with me. It's when he arrived that I started feeling better. He cooked food for me and gave me a sponge bath. Nahiya nga ako eh ng pinunasan niya ako kasi mukha na akong losyang. Kadiri! Hehehe! I was able to release all of my frustrations and cry on him when he was here. I'm not used to getting sick. I try my best to be healthy and not get sick because it's during times when I'm ill that I feel the loneliest. I believe that any gay guy living on his own can relate to what I'm saying. Siyempre binibisita naman ako ng pamilya ko pero pagdating ng gabi na ako na lang mag-isa tapos maysakit pa, bato na siguro ako kung di ak mapamukmok.... Love you babe!

My gum still hurts, I'm gonna see a dentist next week. I lost some significant weight. I now weigh 122 lbs. My normal/fit weight is 130 lbs., but I'm just glad I'm ok. At least now, I have an excuse to binge on food. Hehehe! Pero nanghinayang ako kasi in a span of one week, lahat ng pinaghirapan ko sa pag-gigym nawala. May scar pa ako sa face because of that nasty zit na na-infect. Buti na lang magaling ako mag-apply ng concealer. Hahaha! It will take me 2-3 months to get my former body back. My body is the type that has a hard time gaining weight. Wish me luck :-)


That's my recent pic. My hair is getting long. I want to have my hair cut short because long hair takes too much time to style and I often get zits because of the styling gel/clay I put on my hair. My bf likes my hair long & requested me to maintain this kind of hairstyle for the time being. Grrr!!! Gusto ko na magpagupit eh. I hate long hair :-(

10 February 2008


I attended my 15-year high school reunion last December 27th, 2007. My goodness! 15 years had passed since I graduated from high school. I spent my high school years at SPCB. Yes! Paulinian po ako. I grabbed these photos from my school's Friendster profile. I hope they didn't mind. My high school crush was present during that night. My gosh! He even won something. I was too shy to approach him though. Mukha siyang masungit!!! Baka isnabin niya ako, e di nabroken heart pa tuloy ako diba? :-( Pero he's still single!! Baka may chance pa. Hahaha!

There were only 16 of us from our section who were able to attend. Our batch is composed of 6 sections overall. I hated the fact that we were obligated to wear these shirts/uniforms. The organizers stated that the "uniform" was a way to "equalize" all of us. So, I wasn't able to wear my outfit. Grrr! Di tuloy ako nakaporma :-( Actually nasuot ko naman ang outfit ko, grand entrance nga ako eh. Kasi I was late, lahat sila nakasuot na ng uniform and ako na lang ang hindi. Naka sleeveless pa ako. Hahaha! Pang white party sa Malate ang naging dating ko! LOL! Kaya lang binigay sa akin yung shirt/uniform pagkatapos kong mag register. It was fun! ;-)