07 January 2008

A Four-Eyed DILF???

Yes ladies & gentlemen, I can't hide it any longer. I wear glasses. I wear contacts most of the time though. My right lens has a power of 300 and the other has 325 which means I'm as blind as a bat if I'm not wearing them. Time to accept the fact that I'm getting older. Tumatanda na ako. May asim pa ba? Siguro naman! LOL! Men these days who umm..flirt with me (hahaha!) usually the 20somethings sometimes refer to me as a......DILF! My gosh!!! Gusto daw nila ng daddy! Kaasar! Am I that old?? Is 32 that old?? Thunder na ba talaga ako??? At least nobody teases & calls me a twink anymore. LOL! Oh well, in that case then umm...come here! Come to daddy! Hahaha! ;-)
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I failed to mention last time that I'm so disappointed at someone. I'm not going to name him. 2 weeks ago he asked me to meet up with him at this nice bar in Makati because he wanted to make our friendship official , but he stood me up. My bf didn't accompany me bec. he was tired so I was all alone in that bar :-( I waited for an hour, had a beer, & then I drove back to my bf's pad. There were a couple of men making eye contact, but I wasn't in the mood to "cruise" (and I rarely cruise in real life) bec. I was waiting for my so-called friend. That guy and I have been corresponding online for quite some time. I rarely meet in real life with people that I only met in cyber space, so I was very disppointed. The least he could have done was call or answer my text messages & tell me that he couldn't make it. Moral of the story? I should hire a detective to locate the guy so I can....kick his nuts! Ouch! Hahaha! Sila na lang pumunta sa akin kung gusto nila. Mahirap ang maging masyadong mabait. Che! LOL!