06 February 2008


Why is it I feel that there's still something missing in my life. I have a nice home, a loving family, a loving relationship, my own business and yet there's a part of me that at the end of the day,feels a sense of emptiness.
Ironic isn't it? My blog's entitled Toyo's Way, but I don't know in which direction I am to take my life.
I'm afraid that years from now I'm going to wake up one day and realized that I have accomplished nothing meaningful. What is my calling? What is my true purpose in life?

Sometimes I just want to go & live somewhere far away from everyone like in our farm wherein I can be alone and think about things. All the basic necessities I need to live are present in our farm. It's going to be tough if I'm to live there with no maids and without the creature comforts of the home I'm living in now but... I wonder....
Puro pagpapakasaya na lang ginagawa ko. Minsan may nasasaktan na pala ako unintentionally. Ayokong tumanda ng paurong. Siguro nga kailangan kong umalis muna at bumalik na lang kapag nahanap ko na ang mga sagot sa mga tanong ko.
Maybe I need to go away for a while and turn a new leaf...


robert said...

would you believe that the answer to your questions is just near you?as a matter of fact,it's just within you.have you tried God?Maybe,He's the only One lacking in your life for you to say that you are complete.
try to reflect on these,rey:In the ocean of silence you may discover your eternal treasures of peace,love and happiness.In silence you can hear the whisper of God saying "Come child and rest with Me.You are a peaceful soul."
silence is the language of the soul.Peace,love and happiness is already given;meaning,these are our true natures.
i'm not saying na magmadre ka or magpaka-manang ka.knowing your "true nature" will sure give meaning to your life.you are a "peaceful soul",rey.all you have to do is to explore it.nandiyan lang yan sa katawan mo.
pinagdaanan ko rin ang nararandaman mo,feeling laging may kulang,walang direksiyon,etc.unti-unti,i was able to overcome them just by knowing that i am a peaceful soul.
o,baka naiiskandalo ka ha.but i hope makatulong sayo ito.God's peace,my good wishes and pure feelings.

terry said...

I hope you find whatever it is you feel is missing. Someone said "money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery". So don't be in a rush to leave those maids and salubrious surroundings just yet. I liked Roberts comment, may be you're looking for something spiritual...you have almost everything else. Take care and enjoy your creature comforts.

Toyo said...

thanks terry and robert.
i was probably feeling melancholy when i posted this. i'm a little better now.
thanks :-)

archilles76 said...

i actually feel the same way u're feeling now and i'm glad i read robert's comment. feeling ko tuloy pati ako sinermonan nya.., joke!

chase said...

we all look for a happy life. kaya okai lng kung nagpapakasaya ka lagi..
just make sure nobody will get hurt. yun lng .. *bow