28 March 2008

On My Side Of The Bed

The result of the summer heat...
If only there was someone I could further heat things up with on my side
of the bed.... Naughty ain't I? Hehe..

This will be the last time I post a photo of myself wearing only my undies. The only reason I posted this pic is because some of my blog's readers requested it. Lagot ako kay papa Ryan, baka.......ma excite siya sa picture, kung ano pa gawin niya....Hahaha! Have a nice day :-)

My blog's 3 years old this month. Yehey!
I hope I'll be able to continue blogging for a long time :-)

24 March 2008


KAINIIISSS!!! May nakakainis na nangyari sa akin. It's so nakakainis that I'm just gonna smile and pretend/lie to myself that all of it didn't happen. Plastik no? Hahaha!
I swear, I will never let anything like that happen again. Ever!!! Basta, kainis talaga. Crush ko pa naman iyon. Babawi ako next time. Hehehe! Kaya lang pano kung di na magkaroon ulit ng chance? Boohuhu! :-( Ma-raid na nga lang ang fridge. Pero I just remembered that I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. Nakalimutan ko mag grocery ngayon. Oh no! KAASAAARRR!!!

14 March 2008

Out Of The Blue

While waiting for our lunch to arrive, Ryan as he would usually do while we're waiting for our food, took a photo of me :-) The weather seems to be getting hotter & hotter here in the Philippines with each passing day. Another season has turned. Summer has finally arrived. What's hotter though was what took place more than a month ago which I wasn't able to post here in my blog. I was busy kasi :-) Anyway, what happened was out of the blue, one of my high school batchmates (whose name I shall not disclose because I value his privacy) texted me. He said that he's interested in getting to know me more & hoped that I also felt the same way. Ayyy!!!! Napansin daw niya ako during the reunion pero di daw kami nagkaroon ng chance to talk. Nahiya daw siya. I asked him how he got my number. He told me that he researched it from our other batchmates. Ayyy!!! Again!!!! Hahaha! By the way, hindi ito yung sinasabi kong crush ko nung high school ha. Hindi ko na iyon masyadong crush. Ibang batchmate itong kinukwento ko. He asked me if he could visit me at my place. I said, "ok".

He arrived around 7 or 8pm. He's a cutey! I didn't recognize him because he has changed a lot from what I've seen on our yearbook. He was very quiet while we were watching tv in the living room and then suddenly he popped the question! May chance daw ba na maging kami! My gosh!!!! He asked, if there's a possibility of him and I being together. Biglang humaba at kumapal tuloy ang hairline ko. LOL! I told him though, that I'm already in a relationship. If I was single, I'll probably give it a try. He visited me some more. Biniro ko nga siya eh, sabi ko nanliligaw ka wala man lang dalang chocolates. Maski Curly Tops na chocolates masaya na ako. Hehehe. Nagulat siya kasi kaibigan ko pala ang ex niya. He was surprised to know that one of my friends happens to be his ex. Uh oh! Small world ;-) He and I still text each other from time to time. I know it will not be hard for him to find a partner. First of all, he's very cute and lovable. I already have a soft spot for him in my heart. I wish him nothing but the best.

Always Be My Baby – David Cook Music Code

07 March 2008

The Wrong Impression?

I've been getting some emails lately. What's interesting is that majority of those emails are often sexual in nature, meaning they ask me about my sex life. Hahaha! I don't think my blog and my youtube videos are that sexually suggestive though. Kayo talaga ha? LOL! Sure, I talk about some sex stuff in my blog and I post shirtless pics of myself like the one below. Pang akit ko lang mga pictures kong ganito. Para madagdagan yung aapat kong blog readers. Hahaha! But compared to other blogs out there, I think mine is quite tame.

Am I giving the world the wrong impression? Hehehe! I'm actually shy & timid in real life. Believe me, I'm as innocent and bashful as a tiny, fluffy bunny rabbit. LOL! Maniwala naman kayo sa akin! Sige na ;-)


An alarming thing occurred this week. I discovered.........4 strands of white hair on my head. Noooo!!! Boohuhu! Was it caused by me getting sick a few weeks ago and the heavy meds I was taking during that time, or is this genetics at work? I don't wanna have white strands of hair. I'm only 32! When I turn 40 I'll accept it but not right now, I love my black hair. Boohuhu! :-(