20 April 2008

Home Is Where The Heart Is....

My bf (Ryan) and I come from completely two different worlds. He's a city guy and I'm a provincial bloke or as we refer to here in the Philippines, a promdi. I prefer living here in the province. It's less stressful, people are a lot nicer, the skies seem to be a lot clearer, and I like seeing the vast expanse of greenery. However, it can get a little boring here in Bulacan, sometimes :-)
Ryan on the other other hand loves the fast, busy life of the metropolis. I only go to the city if I'm to visit him, usually on a weekend when the streets of Makati are free from traffic, and then he I would go shopping or clubbing, and watch cute guys partying in the clubs though we're not that active in the club scene anymore. I guess we're getting older :-(
The view atop my home's deck

The view from the terrace of Ryan's condo

12 April 2008


My sis knocked on my bedroom in the wee hours of this morning because she kept hearing a "cracking" noise inside the guest/storage room. We were surprised to find out that the tiles on the floor were the cause of the noise. The floor tiles were popping/folding up! Umaangat sila! My gosh! The floor tiles were actually moving and folding up as we stood inside the room. It was eerie hearing the cracking noise of the tiles as we watched them "move" as if it was a scene in a movie.
The "movement" seemed to have started in the middle of the room, underneath the bed. I decided to remove the tiles because I was concerned that maybe there's damage or a crack on the structure of the floor. Fortunately I found no crack but I noticed small holes.

I'm not really concerned about the tiles getting broken. I don't like those tiles anyway and I can always replace them. I'm worried about the structure of the floor because the room it's in happens to be on the 2nd floor. I'm gonna have to employ an engineer to look onto this. Thinking about the possibility of having to fix the entire floor is already giving me a headache because I know it won't be easy since the floor is made of cement. All of the floors in my home is cemented even the one in my bedroom BUT I had wooden panels attached to the floor of my master bedroom to make it look different from the rest of the other rooms. Hehehe!

This is so annoying! Hay naku sakit na naman ng ulo. Gastos na naman :-(

03 April 2008

Conflict of Interest....

Stopped by at SM Marilao late in the afternoon. I needed to buy a car shampoo. I thought it was going to be another boring day, but as I was browsing along the car section of Ace Hardware, I came across "Richard" (not his real name). It's been months since I last saw him. Richard and I used to be "friends with benefits." I met him through a website. He's a year older than me. Tall and handsome. We used to have lots of fun. We play together, enjoy each other's company, and then go our separate ways. Just pure, clean, no-strings-attached fun. It was the perfect setup until one afternoon, after doing what we normally do, he asked me if we could elevate our relationship from mere bed buddies to something more serious. At first I laughed thinking he was joking, but as I looked into his eyes, I realized he wasn't. An uncomfortable air of silence started filling the room we were in as we stared at each other. I told him "Do you even understand what you're asking us to do?" He replied, "Yes" and it was a strong Yes! He is aware of the fact that I'm already in a relationship. My bf is also aware that I have someone I exclusively "play with" during times when he's away and busy, and vice versa.

I said to Richard, "You're charming, handsome, well-educated, you have a good job. You can easily get any man you want. So why settle on being the third wheel in a relationship? All of us will only end up getting hurt." He was quiet afterwards. We both were. We started putting our clothes on. I hugged him. I left his home and went my own way. I didn't want to stay longer because I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I would never ever do anything that would intentionally hurt Rich's feelings or anyone else's. It was a pleasant surprise seeing him today after a long time. I smiled at him when I caught him glancing at me. He approached me. We said our hi's and hello's. As I was about to head towards the cashier, he held my hand, looked directly into my eyes and asked "Why?" I answered, "because it's what's best for all of us." It was difficult walking away. It was the right choice.