12 April 2008


My sis knocked on my bedroom in the wee hours of this morning because she kept hearing a "cracking" noise inside the guest/storage room. We were surprised to find out that the tiles on the floor were the cause of the noise. The floor tiles were popping/folding up! Umaangat sila! My gosh! The floor tiles were actually moving and folding up as we stood inside the room. It was eerie hearing the cracking noise of the tiles as we watched them "move" as if it was a scene in a movie.
The "movement" seemed to have started in the middle of the room, underneath the bed. I decided to remove the tiles because I was concerned that maybe there's damage or a crack on the structure of the floor. Fortunately I found no crack but I noticed small holes.

I'm not really concerned about the tiles getting broken. I don't like those tiles anyway and I can always replace them. I'm worried about the structure of the floor because the room it's in happens to be on the 2nd floor. I'm gonna have to employ an engineer to look onto this. Thinking about the possibility of having to fix the entire floor is already giving me a headache because I know it won't be easy since the floor is made of cement. All of the floors in my home is cemented even the one in my bedroom BUT I had wooden panels attached to the floor of my master bedroom to make it look different from the rest of the other rooms. Hehehe!

This is so annoying! Hay naku sakit na naman ng ulo. Gastos na naman :-(


Jerick said...

I don't think there's something wrong with the second floor's structure. There is something wrong with the tiles' adhesive i guess. That happened to us na. And the tiles cracked while we're walking. The tilers are shungakers that's why. Have your money back!

Toyo said...

it was poor installation of the tiles. i'm thinking of getting wooden floors instead when i renovate the room although wooden floors can be high-maintenance.
then again, there are ceramic flooring tiles that look like wood. i'm excited! :-)

a mate said...

There could be one of a number of possibilities your tiles have lifted. It may be the floor hasn't been allowed to dry thoroughly during construction and no concrete floor sealant applied. From the picture it doesn't look like a structural problem. Remove the existing tiles and allow the floor to dry. Apply the correct concrete floor sealer before applying the tile adhesive and use water resisting grout if the floor surface is to be cleaned with water to prevent water penetration. Space the tiles to the manufactures spec. Your floor should be OK.

No one could accuse you of not changing the topic...take care my mate!

chase / chubz said...

hehe. kawawa man..
ganun talaga. life is full of gastos. hehe

Jerick said...

lifestyle channel ba ito? hehe