20 April 2008

Home Is Where The Heart Is....

My bf (Ryan) and I come from completely two different worlds. He's a city guy and I'm a provincial bloke or as we refer to here in the Philippines, a promdi. I prefer living here in the province. It's less stressful, people are a lot nicer, the skies seem to be a lot clearer, and I like seeing the vast expanse of greenery. However, it can get a little boring here in Bulacan, sometimes :-)
Ryan on the other other hand loves the fast, busy life of the metropolis. I only go to the city if I'm to visit him, usually on a weekend when the streets of Makati are free from traffic, and then he I would go shopping or clubbing, and watch cute guys partying in the clubs though we're not that active in the club scene anymore. I guess we're getting older :-(
The view atop my home's deck

The view from the terrace of Ryan's condo


ShiD said...

i used to live in a province too.. i came from bicol and now living here in pasig..

and i can agree to you on how you look at it living in a peaceful place like the province..

but now living in the city really makes you chase the time which really flies so fast.. there's a lot of things to do.. realizations to think about.. and a lot of stressful things to deal with..

hay.. if only living in a city is as if living in a province huh?

my_awg said...

Erm i read this blog since i cudnt recall when.. I love ur story.. I'm Malaysian.. I love the fact that Pinoy = Beautiful..

Toyo said...

I enjoy living in both worlds but my heart belongs here in the province.
This is where my home is after all :-)

Thank you, shid & my-awg.

terry said...

The view from your homes deck of blue sky and green land looks very tranquil. Unlike the other view, that reminds me of London or any other big city where life is usually lived in the fast lane. I think you probably have the best of both worlds.

chase / chubz said...

ganda ng view ahhh.. have you guys tried having sex leaning on the window glass? i've always wanted to do that. hehehe

Toyo said...

my bf is too conservative to try it. hehehe!

chase / chubz said...

hahaha.. ganun. then make him a convert. i bet you are not as conservative as he is. hehehe

i too have that same bf. hehe