18 May 2008


Ryan and I had an argument recently. Nainis talaga ako sa kanya! Ryan told me that he wanted to do a makeover on me starting with my hair. We always argue about my hair. I want my hair cut really short. He wants it to just have an average length and also spiked like the one I had a few months ago. So, he brought me to the salon of his choice somewhere in Greenbelt. After the shampoo girl washed my hair and brought me to the cutting area I looked around and my bf was nowhere in sight. I texted him and called him because I didn't know what haircut he wanted on me that time, but he wasn't answering. His phone was off. I was starting to get annoyed so I just told the stylist to cut my hair short. After I had my haircut. I kept looking around the salon but still no sign of bf. After I paid the bill, I walked around the mall, calling him on my cellphone over and over until he finally answered....10 minutes later. He was in the grocery store. When I finally met him at Rustan's his first reaction was "yan din haircut mo dati eh" "that's the same haircut you had." He said that with a disappointed/disdained look on his face.

My fuse was beginning to overload. Gusto ko ng manigaw ng tao. Gusto ng lumabas ang pagkatoyo ko. But I just kept quiet because there's a saying that if you don't want to say anything nice nor hurtful, then you shouldn't say anything at all. Tapos siya pa yung parang naiinis sa akin kung bakit tahimik ako at 'di siya pinapansin. Di niya magets. Sa isip-isip ko lang gusto kong sabihin "sarap mong banatan ha!" Pero at one point nung naghahanap na kami ng restaurant to have dinner in, medyo nataasan ko siya ng boses kasi napuno na ako pag inarte niya. Mabuti nga sa kanya! Nung nililigawan niya ako bait bait niya tapos ngayon nagiinarte/nagsusuplada siya. Che! Hahaha! I think some people were staring at us while we were walking along the mall. I'm a very "transparent" person. It shows on my face if I'm angry. Anyway, if there's one thing that could calm me, it's good food. I ordered some prawns with a sauce mixed with crab fat at Mr. Rockefeller's. Yum! Yum! He ordered a plate of oysters with melted cheese on top, and bourbon ribs. I was ok after my stomach was full. Food is good "therapy." It did take a toll on my tummy though. My abs are now gone. Wala na siya! Takaw ko kasi! I should cut down on rice. But it's so hard. Tapos nagkakazits pa ako. Kainis 'tong katawan ko, walang pakisama! My gosh! ;-)

10 May 2008

Bye Bye Summer!

The rains are becoming more frequent as days pass by. Another season is once again beginning to turn. I guess I have to say farewell to my favorite time of the year. Time to say goodbye to summer and unfortunately prepare for the monsoon season. To think that I haven't even made any summer flings yet. Hehehe! Pero I still have 3 weeks left para makahanap. June pa naman kasi talaga ang official start ng rainy season diba? Hahaha! Lagot ako sa bf ko. My bf's gonna reprimand me again and sermon me with matching fire & brimstones & thunders & roaring effects in the background. Haha! I love you baby! He did however, give me his permission to be Ricky Martin's fling. Ricky Martin, I will always love you! Marry me! Call me! Text me Ricky! Sige na! Hahaha! Dream on Toyo! Dream on! LOL!

I'm not fond of the rainy season. The only rain I like is Madonna's song "Rain".