10 May 2008

Bye Bye Summer!

The rains are becoming more frequent as days pass by. Another season is once again beginning to turn. I guess I have to say farewell to my favorite time of the year. Time to say goodbye to summer and unfortunately prepare for the monsoon season. To think that I haven't even made any summer flings yet. Hehehe! Pero I still have 3 weeks left para makahanap. June pa naman kasi talaga ang official start ng rainy season diba? Hahaha! Lagot ako sa bf ko. My bf's gonna reprimand me again and sermon me with matching fire & brimstones & thunders & roaring effects in the background. Haha! I love you baby! He did however, give me his permission to be Ricky Martin's fling. Ricky Martin, I will always love you! Marry me! Call me! Text me Ricky! Sige na! Hahaha! Dream on Toyo! Dream on! LOL!

I'm not fond of the rainy season. The only rain I like is Madonna's song "Rain".

1 comment:

Ricky said...

I love you too Rey...may be I can join you in the pool and we could do the "la bomba". Just stop teasing me OK!