29 June 2008

Gay Pride 2008

Went to Malate,Manila last night to celebrate Gay Pride! It was a lot of fun. So many cute men. So many parties. However, unlike last year's Gay Pride celebrations, people weren't allowed to celebrate the event on the streets. No street parties/shows this year. The city's mayor didn't allow it I guess. It was still a lot fun. Sorry about the quality of the pics, we only used our phone's camera to shoot them.

Ryan (my bf) and I went inside BED, one of the popular "rainbow" bars in Malate. It was so hot inside because the place was jam-packed with people. I shouldn't have worn a long-sleeved shirt. My goodness! Puro pawis tuloy ako.
I enjoyed the programs presented inside the bar, particularly the drag queens and the Boy George & Diana Ross impersonators.

I also got to hang-out with one of my cute buddies (whose name I will not disclose to protect his privacy) from Friendster. The first time that we got in touch with each other was during Gay Pride 2007. We've been wanting to meet again since then but something always happened along the way (on my part) that caused me to cancel our scheduled meetings. I promised him that I'll definitely meet up with him on this year's Pride event. I also promised him a kiss to make up for my failings in the past...and so I did. Once we were inside BED I gave him a kiss. Ryan was with me & he gave me his permission of course. The guy and I kissed several times on the 2nd floor where there were less people. Hehehe. I wanted to ask him if he and I could have some alone time with each other, but I was too shy to tell him because I have a crush on him. He's so sexy and "moreno." Pinakikiramdaman ko pa siya eh. Baka ayaw pala niya sumama, mabroken heart pa ako diba? LOL! ;-)

16 June 2008


Nothing really significant to talk about. No hot gossips, no scandals. LOL! Last weekend I was at Ryan's pad. I was bored so I asked him to show me around town Saturday night. We went to Taguig/Fort, it was boring. Nothing new there so we headed to Malate. Same old stuff going on there too. Same types of people; the elites, the wannabees, daddies, twinks, hunks, chunks, drunks, fag hags, fashion winners, fashion disasters, posers, jologs, etc., etc. We had coffee & some mango crepes at Cafe Adriatico. The guy who prepared our crepes was cute. Maputi siya at chinito. I wasn't in the mood to cruise though. Ryan asked me if it's ok with me if he flirted with the guy. I said that it's fine. I'll only be upset if he flirted with someone who is not cute. Hahaha! Kung makikipagflirt siya, dapat yung sa pogi at mabango lang, tapos irekomend niya sa akin kung ok ang performance. Itest drive niya muna bago ko ibreak in. Hehe! Biro lang ;-)

I know his taste in men. He's attracted towards fair-skinned, "chinito" (chinky-eyed/Chinese looking), tall guys. I on the other hand am more drawn towards "moreno" (bronze-skinned), lean, or sometimes borderline stocky/muscular men. Height is not an issue as long he's not too short nor too tall for me. I'm only 5'7" Boohuhu! :-( I think "chinitos" and "tisoys" (fair-skinned men) are also cute but I find "morenos" exotic and hot. However, no matter how attractive a person is physically, if he had an unpleasant personality or no personality at all (my gosh!), then I wouldn't waste my time on him.

04 June 2008

Lonely Nights

Haven't been with Ryan (bf) for almost a month now. We usually spend the weekends together, but the company he works for has given him extra assignments on Saturdays & Sundays, so he told me not to bother driving all the way to the city to visit him because I'll only get annoyed since he won't be able to give time for me & entertain me. It's ok. We've already grown accustomed to this kind of long-distance relationship for 2 years now. Sometimes I jokingly tell him to quit his job and go work for me instead, all he needs to do as my employee is to cook good food & lay on my bed....with his legs spread open. Hahaha! Magluluto lang siya at dadapa sa kama ko. LOL! I miss my big baby bear! Hehe! ;-)

It's June once again, which means it's Gay Pride month. Yehey! I can't wait to attend the "White Parties." White Parties are series of celebrations held annually that cater to the gay and lesbian community wherein attendees have to wear white clothing. These parties usually take place on the last week of June. I'm excited because I'll be meeting some of my online friends (Friendster & G4m) on these occasions. Ryan will be with me. Sana 'wag siyang magmaton mode baka matakot mga ka-eyeballs ko. Baka wala akong ma-take home na cutey. Hahaha! Biro lang. See ya at the World Trade Center or Malate or Makati, etc. ;-)