23 July 2008

Gay Life 4: Pressure

I'm pressured to get fit, just like most gay men.
Why do I love eating rice so much? I can't control it. ;-)

a much better quality of this video at http://youtube.com/toyo925

19 July 2008


It was a boring week. Nothing exciting happened. Boring boring boring! All I did everyday this week as I would usually do was to work and then go home. Nothing really much to do here in the province. Ryan told me that I should have my passport renewed. I don't wanna fall in line at the DFA (Dept. of Foreign Affairs). It's now required to have a personal appearance when you renew your Philippine passport because they're gonna scan your finger prints. Kakatamad pumila. Fortunately I can apply for a renewal online and request/schedule for a personal meeting through their website. I still have to wake up early to travel to their office in Manila though.

Ryan told me that he plans to bring me somewhere on my birthday which is why I need to renew my passport. As long the flight doesn't take more than an hour, I'll be fine. I hate long flights. I get terrible airsickness and then I throw up. It's so humiliating. Even after the plane had already landed I would still get dizzy and hurl. It's one of my biggest fears :-( The only good thing when I hurl inside a plane is when a handsome flight attendant comforts me. Hehehe! I just want to spend my birthday locally/here in the country. I want to spend it on a beach resort, like in Palawan or Boracay or Davao. Babe! Nagpaparinig ako sa'yo. Hahaha!

09 July 2008

Video Blog: Good To Be Back :-)

It's been quite a long time since I last videoblogged. I made this vid weeks ago. It's only now that I was able to have time to finish editing it. Hehehe! Once again I ranted about my crush and bf. I attempted to sing. And I tried to strip in the video and showed my tummy. Hahaha!
Adjust the volume so you can hear it properly :-)

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