08 September 2008

Closing Time

A lot of changes going on in my life. I may not be able to blog for the time being. I'll be back someday...bigger and better and umm....bolder??? Hehehe! Promise!

I dedicate the song below to my loyal blog readers....all umm...5 of them? Hehehe. I chose a happy song because that's what I want people to feel whenever they browse my blog. MWAH! :-)

06 September 2008


I was tinkering with my Yahoo Messenger yesterday & I stumbled upon its "Message Archive" feature. It's only then that I realized that I had turned on its "save conversations". I had fun reading the transcripts of chat sessions I did with my friends and online buddies most of which were dated back as far as 2004...until I got to read the archive of one particular person...my ex. I couldn't believe how determined I was in making that relationship work. I also couldn't believe the emotional rollercoaster I've gotten myself into in that relationship lasting more than 2 years. I didn't know what to feel upon going through that archive. I was happy, but for the most part, I was sad. The past coming back to haunt me.

Ryan (my bf) told me to let go. I told him I've already moved on. I wouldn't be in a relationship with Ryan if I haven't moved on. I wouldn't have introduced him to my family if I haven't moved on and I plan to move on together with Ryan for a long time UNLESS he does something really offensive. If so, I'll drop an anvil on his family jewels while he sleeps. Hahaha! Kidding! Babe, pag sinaktan mo ang busilak kong puso susumbong kita sa pamilya & umm...aapat kong loyal na blog readers. Bigla ka na lang mawawala. Lagot ka! LOL! Hahaha!
I bear no anger nor hatred towards my ex. I've learned a lot from my relationship with him & I wish him well in his life wherever he may be.
I'm only posting my past as a small reminder towards myself as to what I should and should not do in my present & in my future.