26 October 2008


In all my years of blogging, I often encounter emails asking me about this & that, so I gathered up some of the frequently asked questions which I'm going to answer as directly as I can in today's post. Wala kasi akong makwento kaya ito nalang pinost ko. Haha!

Q: What's your job?
A: I'm engaged in the family biz which deals with printing and manufacturing.
Q: What are your stats?
A: I'm 33 years old. I'm not tall, I'm only 5'7" and I weigh around 130lbs.
Q: What are your interests?
A: I love to edit videos, gym, going to the movies, videogames, eating out and trying different restaurants. I love to eat ya know? :-)
Q: Why do you often post shirtless pics of yourself?
A: It's because I want to keep track of how my body's been improving or not improving throughout the years. Add to that the fact that my blog seems to get more hits whenever I post such pics. LOL :-)
Q: You said that you're a G4M member, how many G4M members have you met & played with?
A: I've lost track of the numbers. Not more than 30, +/-12 of which I were "naughty" encounters. This was all in the span of +/- 2 years that I've been a member. I got really active especially when I was still single. However, when I began my relationship with my bf, it's very seldom that I meet members anymore even if members asked me to meet on a friendly basis. Don't worry I'm not gonna name names. I respect other people's privacy.
Q: Are you in an open relationship?
A: It depends on my bf's mood. Hahaha! Sometimes he allows me to have "fun" with others. Lately he's been a little strict. It's probably that ummm...time of the month again. LOL! Love ya babe!
Q: Have you done/acted in any blue or adult movie?
A: This is a strange question but it pops up from time to time. No, I haven't done any of those stuff.
Q: What turns you on?
A: Good character, good conversations, sense of humor, nice physique, fresh smelling body, bronze/exotic, tan lines down under ;-) Still, no matter how attractive the person is physically, if he had an unpleasant personality, I wouldn't waste my time on him.
Q What turns you off?
A: Drama queens, hypocrisy, people who think too highly of themselves thinking that they're better than everybody else, immaturity, homophobia, freeloaders, judgmental people, lack of common sense.

Q: When did you come out? Do you regret being gay?
A: I came out in 2003. Sometimes I think that life would have been a lot simpler and easier if I was straight, but I do not regret being gay. I don't hate myself that much as to say that I regret being queer.
Q: What's your view on gay marriage?
A: Marriage is legal right that should be given to all people regardless of sexual orientation. I believe that to deny homosexuals the basic rights as the right to be legally married, is like the government treating us as if we are 2nd class citizens. I'm pro gay marriage.
Q: Define good sex?
A: I often get emails about sex. Hahaha! I'm not a sex expert ok? I just enjoy doing the deed. Haha! Well, good sex for me involves love & mutual physical attraction. I'm not into casual sex. I just don't immediately have sex with anyone. I have to get to know the person first for me to get comfortable with him in bed later on so that I'll deliver a good performance that'll result in an encore. LOL! ;-)
Q: Why does it take you long to make new videos?
A: It's because I'm preoccupied with other matters (i.e. work) and it's difficult finding a third person who can assist my bf and I in making videos. Assisting means also becoming the cameraman and becoming one of the actors in the vid. Most Filipino gay men are discreet & are conscious of being outed.
Q: Why do you often choose 80s or old songs in your videos?
A: I love classic songs. 80's music reminds me of my youth and childhood :-) I don't like the fashion and hairstyle from that decade though. Mullet hair. Acid washed jeans. Aquanet. Shoulder pads. Eww! Haha!
Q: Do you have a Friendster account?
A: Not anymore. I deleted my Friendster account a few months ago.
Q: Have you encountered any homophobic comments reactions on your blog and videos?
A: Yes, I do receive homophobic comments, hateful messages, and destructive criticisms from time to time. I just delete those kinds of messages and move on. Trashy people are not worth my time.
This is all for now. Have a nice day :-)

19 October 2008

Sleeping Single

A weekend at home. Not going anywhere. Just a quiet weekend here in the province of Bulacan. Ryan's away on work assignment something. It's been two weeks since I last saw him. I'm used to it...long-distance relationship that is. My hair's growing back. I'm glad. Meron pala akong very maliit bald spot at the back of my head. Poknat ba tawag don? LOL! I have a receding hairline yet the rest of my hair grow like weeds :-) Click the pic if you wanna enlarge it so you can see my zits and stuff. Hahaha!
I'm trying to fall asleep but at the same time contemplating about someone. It's when I'm in bed alone that things start going through my mind. I feel bad because I had unintentionally hurt someone's feelings. The guy mistook my being friendly towards him as something else. I admit that I am somewhat playful and a little flirtatious but I would never ever mislead someone and mess with someone's mind & emotions because I'm afraid of karma biting me in the ass. My bf can bite my ass, but not karma. LOL!
I got a text message from him yesterday. He said that he still wants to have a "relationship" with me. I told him that he should be fair towards himself and move on. Right now, I can't even suggest friendship because if I did then he might have a hard time moving on. As the older one, I should be responsible and think of his well-being. The guy's only 24. I really like him and it pains me to let go. Ryan's gonna reprimand me again. "Stop being too friendly, people might get a wrong impression of you", that's what he would say.

Phil Collins – One More Night

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13 October 2008

This and That

My mother hates my hair or lack of it for that matter. Hehehe! She told me never to get it shaved anymore because it makes me look less friendly, like some bad guy in a movie. LOL! Mukha daw akong salbahe. Nyek! Yuck! My face was so thin back in February. That pic was taken a week or so after recovering from a fever. However, my bf's a little "friskier" lately bec. of the new look. Fetish daw niya ang kalbo! Hehehe! And I seem to be getting more stares. LOL! I'm not sure if they're complimentary stares though. Hahaha! I was only experimenting with my look for a change. My hair is already receding anyway. So, which one do you prefer? :-)

Business has been slow lately. I hope it picks up before the year ends so that everyone (my parents and my employees) here will have good holiday season :-)

Ryan's got a new pooch. His name is Enzo. He currently lives with Ryan. He's so cute. I hope Enzo never grows up and stays a pup forever so that I can always carry him around! Hehehe!