19 October 2008

Sleeping Single

A weekend at home. Not going anywhere. Just a quiet weekend here in the province of Bulacan. Ryan's away on work assignment something. It's been two weeks since I last saw him. I'm used to it...long-distance relationship that is. My hair's growing back. I'm glad. Meron pala akong very maliit bald spot at the back of my head. Poknat ba tawag don? LOL! I have a receding hairline yet the rest of my hair grow like weeds :-) Click the pic if you wanna enlarge it so you can see my zits and stuff. Hahaha!
I'm trying to fall asleep but at the same time contemplating about someone. It's when I'm in bed alone that things start going through my mind. I feel bad because I had unintentionally hurt someone's feelings. The guy mistook my being friendly towards him as something else. I admit that I am somewhat playful and a little flirtatious but I would never ever mislead someone and mess with someone's mind & emotions because I'm afraid of karma biting me in the ass. My bf can bite my ass, but not karma. LOL!
I got a text message from him yesterday. He said that he still wants to have a "relationship" with me. I told him that he should be fair towards himself and move on. Right now, I can't even suggest friendship because if I did then he might have a hard time moving on. As the older one, I should be responsible and think of his well-being. The guy's only 24. I really like him and it pains me to let go. Ryan's gonna reprimand me again. "Stop being too friendly, people might get a wrong impression of you", that's what he would say.

Phil Collins – One More Night

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robert said...

hi rey,howdy?don't worry to much about your hair.what's important is you look good with or without it.lolz.iba na talaga ang may "face value."lahat bagay.ok lang naman ang long distance relationship for as long na nagkakaintindihan kayo sa set up nyo,although laging andun yung vulnerability.kapag lagi naman kayong magkasama,minsan nagkakasawaan din(parang kami,hahahaha).masarap din yung namimiss nyo ang isa't isa,para pag nagkita...all night long na loving-loving.hahaha.what's important is you know your limits when dealing with others,and you know your commitments sa partner mo.
naku,kawawa naman yung guy na nahurt mo.masyado naman yatang umasa?maybe,whay you need to do is talk to him again and let him know that what you feel for him is nothing more than brotherly.at naturalese mo lang yung mga ways na nakita nya sa'yo and you can't go more than just being friends.
yung iba naman kasi,nahimas lang natin ang hita,akala bibigay na tayo.hahaha...joke!correct din naman si ryan na not to be "too friendly."so as not to get the wrong impression,lalo na sa mga new friends.ang hirap,ano?mahirap talagang maging bankable.hahaha.
k,take care.

Anonymous said...

you’re simply irresistible, that’s why. seriously though, nothing wrong with being friendly as long as you are clear about boundaries up front. actually, he should be thankful that you are not the type that takes avantage of people. cheers.


greg said...

Hey you, sexy thing! Aaahhh, you're so sweet thinking about not hurting other people's feelings! Another pogi points for you... a good looking guy with a good heart, damn your boyfriend could never been luckier!

I got my hair almost shaved about the same time you did. My mom freaked out too, telling me that I wouldn't be able to look professional with such haircut and probably would scare my patients lookin like one of the goons-men in her late hour tele-novelas... hahaha! at first, I liked the way it is but so much maintenance having haircut every 2 weeks to neat-up the look. Now, I look like I have that anime korean hair-do's. I'm trying to grow it back, so I have to be patient and not have a haircut as often. But with you, I don't see a problem. You look great with or with-out, semi in your case.

I see that Robert had beaten me again to post the first comment, darn! Hahaha.... it's alright, I'm the official 5th fan member! Hahaha... Hi, Robert!

For you dear Rey, all the best for a good guy like you!


Toyo said...

Thank you Robert, R & Greg. I appreciate your comments.
I often wear a cap now because my hair's growing back.
I'm tempted to have it shaved so that I'll look more neat. Hehehe!

a friend said...

you look better than apple pie and cream...give us a friendly kiss!

robert said...

hi rey,wazzup?i hope everything's ok with you.it's nothing much,i just passed by, as usual.
and hi to greg too.are you in the medical field too?great.don't worry,i'm not trying to beat anyone.it just happen that i'm an early surfer,lolz.ganyan talaga kapag walang ginagawa.lolz.
take care bros...my good wishes to all of you.

Toyo said...

to "a friend" here's your kiss. mwah! ;-)

thanks for the message robert :-)

a friend said...

you made me wait...but it was worth waiting for. you can stop giving me a friendly kiss in about half an hour.