24 November 2008


My name is Rey, and I'm an insomniac....
I started experiencing this sleep disorder during my early 20's. Usually I fall asleep around 1 or 2 am, but sometimes it's around 5am. Thank goodness I work for my father :-p

08 November 2008

Puppy Love

Enzo my bf's little pug is spending the weekend at my house. For such a small pup, he sure packs a lot energy. Enzo's so playful & friendly. I'm gonna miss him once he goes back to the city. I love the little mutt. I'm not gonna miss Enzo's pooping and pissing though. Ewww! Hahaha! Good thing we've already trained him to do his "dirty deed" on the litter box :-)I had my hair shaved again a few days ago. My closest friends emailed me asking me why the radical change. They said that people sometimes do things with their look or hair as a reflection of things bothering them. I don't know. Maybe this was a subconscious act or something. There are things bothering me but I just want to keep them to myself. This is the last time I'm gonna be a skinhead. Kasi tinutukso ako ng mga friends ko. Naging kahawig ko raw 'yung isang contestant sa isang reality show na may mga castaways sa isang island. Hmp! I like his body though. Yumyum! Woof woof! Hehehe! ;-) I'm wearing my favorite tee, but Ryan hates it! He doesn't want me wearing it or wearing any sleeveless shirt for that matter whenever we go out especially in Makati. He says that only "moneyboys" wear sleeveless shirts while malling or clubbing in the city. My gosh! Do I look like a moneyboy? Hmp! Antipatiko! :-( Kurutin ko bilbil niya eh. Hehe. I have my own money you know? I have lots of centavoses in my piggy bank. LOL!

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