25 December 2008

Season's Greetings!

Season's greetings! I'm wishing everyone the best that life has to offer this holiday season and through all seasons to come :-)
Once again I decided to play dress up or is it ummm...dress down inside my closet. Hahaha! Do I make a convincing Santa? I'm the type of Santa who only rewards naughty boys though. LOL! I'm looking for a gym buddy. Wala kasi akong kaalalay especially when working out here at home. It's so boring. I hope I find one. Mga friends ko naman walang hilig sa gym. Pilitin ko nga sila.

I have to excuse myself now and put on some clothes before I catch a cold. Weather's a little chilly, if only someone can help me keep warm & cozy. Anyone? Anyone? Hahaha! ;-) Lagot na naman ako sa bf ko! Mangungurot na naman siya! LOL! See ya all next year!!!

06 December 2008

A Pug's Life

Enzo's growing up very fast. I hope he grows up healthy & strong. I love my li'l pug. Sometimes pets are better than people. All you do is feed them and take care of them and they will love you forever. Click on the photos if you wish to enlarge them :-)

He's very affectionate. Look at that captivating smile. Look at those tantalizing eyes. LOL!

I always look forward to playing with him at the end of the day. Totally relieves my stress. He still needs to learn how to pose in front of the camera. Parang 'di siya tuloy nagmana sa akin. Haha!

He gets a high whenever I rub his chest & tummy :-)

He loves climbing on my lap and jumping off. But there was one time he peed on my lap. That little rascal!!! I forgave him. He's too cute to get mad at.

And here he is showing off his ASSet the way I showed mine in a certain vid. LOL! Hahaha! LOL!
Happy Holidays!!!! Yeah yeah! My tree still needs some work on. My bf will take care of it. Decorating isn't my forte :-)

The Cranberries - You and Me

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