27 January 2009


You grow up so fast...

...and even if people made fun of the way you look, you'll always be my extraordinary little buddy providing me with lots of smiles and laughters. Hahaha! See? I'm laughing now. LOL! :-)

Mandy Moore - Extraordinary

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Ironically, "Enzo Madrid" was supposed to be my umm... "screen name" when I was once offered to be in a independent, gay-oriented movie by a talent scout. Hehe! The talent scout's legit. Ryan/my bf knows the guy. Works for a tv network if I remembered it right. I had to decline because when I told my parents about the offer, the first words that came out of them were "ayaw namin ng bold at wala dapat sex scenes", "no nudity and no sex scenes" they said. The talent scout informed me that there'll be some sex scenes and nudity. It was 2 years ago. It's one of my regrets because I'm curious when it comes to filmmaking, editing, etc. Shhh! Don't tell my folks about my "Insomnia" youtube video, ok? LOL! ;-)

22 January 2009

Chub :-)

I'm fat! Hahaha! Chubby chasers here I am ;-) I was organizing files in my pc & I saw this old pic of mine taken early 2008. I was trying to bulk up, but ended up a little plump. Haha! I was also on medication (antibiotics/steroids) to remove a small lump in my neck, hence the weight gain. The lump disappeared after two weeks of treatment, thank God :-)

Well, this is all for now. Nothing really exciting going on. No gossips. No scandals. Nada!
By the way, the guy below, he broke my heart. He's (Rustom) a celebrity here in the Philippines. I used to have a crush on him. I mean look at his cute face and muscular body. A few days ago I saw him on TV proclaiming that he is now a she. My heart is broken. Boohuhu! The handsome hunk is now a beautiful siren. Oh well, I am happy for him/her and I admire his courage for coming out knowing that there's a lot of discrimination going on against homosexuals here in the Philippines. There's even discrimination taking place within the gay community. Some cases in which fit/muscular gay men view skinny, or old, or overweight gay men with condescension. Instances wherein so-called straight-acting/butch gay men look down upon the effeminate/trannies/crossdressing homosexuals. I refer to those kinds of gay men as homophobic homosexuals. Homophobia is a big turn off for me, and I don't want anything to do with persons who display any form homophobia whether they be gay or straight. Nobody has the right to belittle anyone. I have been a victim of homophobia particularly during my high school & more so in my college years. People suspected that I might be gay. I was still confused back then. I was afraid. I was in denial. I was a lost kid trying to find his way towards self-acceptance. The gay bashing (both the verbal and physical attacks) I've experienced in school only forced me to further deny myself and hide in the closet. Fortunately, I was able to finally come out a few years ago. I'm at peace with myself now. Yet, everytime I see someone doing homophobic acts on a fellow gay man, my blood boils. I just don't want anyone else experiencing what I've went through.

Anyway, going back to Rustom. Oops! His/her name now is Bebe. I guess, all I can do now is to fantasize about his/her once studly body. Yum Yum! Look at those muscles. Woof! Woof! Dapat noon ko pa siya niligawan ;-)

Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker

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15 January 2009


I have a freaking cold, cough, and sinusitis keeping me from getting a decent sleep. When will this stupid, fucking, suffering illness end??!!! Boohuhu! A week ago, which was when this photo was taken I was starting to get back to working out and getting in-shape. Now I'm out-of-shape again. BLAH!! GRRRR!!!! ROARRR!!!! LOL! Nakakalosyang. Bwisit! Perhaps I should call myself as "Losyong" ang lalakeng losyang. I'll rename my blog as Losyong's Way. Hahaha! Losyong/Losyang is a Filipino word meaning, haggard. WTF?! LOL ;-)

This is what I got from always posing shirtless in my pics? LOL! Hubad kasi hubad. Tinutukso na tuloy ako ng certain antipatikong bf na self-worship daw yung photos ko. Che!!! I hate getting sick. Coughs and colds are such unglamorous diseases. Nose dripping. Barking phlegm. Ewww! Kadiri! No one will love me now. No one!!! Boohuhuhu! Waahhh! This has been another episode brought to you by Toyo's Way. Haha! :-p Summer when will you arrive? A lot of people getting sick because of the cold weather. Can't wait for the hot summer sun, beach, water...
The Corrs - Summer Sunshine

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