22 January 2009

Chub :-)

I'm fat! Hahaha! Chubby chasers here I am ;-) I was organizing files in my pc & I saw this old pic of mine taken early 2008. I was trying to bulk up, but ended up a little plump. Haha! I was also on medication (antibiotics/steroids) to remove a small lump in my neck, hence the weight gain. The lump disappeared after two weeks of treatment, thank God :-)

Well, this is all for now. Nothing really exciting going on. No gossips. No scandals. Nada!
By the way, the guy below, he broke my heart. He's (Rustom) a celebrity here in the Philippines. I used to have a crush on him. I mean look at his cute face and muscular body. A few days ago I saw him on TV proclaiming that he is now a she. My heart is broken. Boohuhu! The handsome hunk is now a beautiful siren. Oh well, I am happy for him/her and I admire his courage for coming out knowing that there's a lot of discrimination going on against homosexuals here in the Philippines. There's even discrimination taking place within the gay community. Some cases in which fit/muscular gay men view skinny, or old, or overweight gay men with condescension. Instances wherein so-called straight-acting/butch gay men look down upon the effeminate/trannies/crossdressing homosexuals. I refer to those kinds of gay men as homophobic homosexuals. Homophobia is a big turn off for me, and I don't want anything to do with persons who display any form homophobia whether they be gay or straight. Nobody has the right to belittle anyone. I have been a victim of homophobia particularly during my high school & more so in my college years. People suspected that I might be gay. I was still confused back then. I was afraid. I was in denial. I was a lost kid trying to find his way towards self-acceptance. The gay bashing (both the verbal and physical attacks) I've experienced in school only forced me to further deny myself and hide in the closet. Fortunately, I was able to finally come out a few years ago. I'm at peace with myself now. Yet, everytime I see someone doing homophobic acts on a fellow gay man, my blood boils. I just don't want anyone else experiencing what I've went through.

Anyway, going back to Rustom. Oops! His/her name now is Bebe. I guess, all I can do now is to fantasize about his/her once studly body. Yum Yum! Look at those muscles. Woof! Woof! Dapat noon ko pa siya niligawan ;-)

Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker

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Anonymous said...

i think you look cute and hot either way.

Krishna - Riyadh said...

you are not fat!!! I AM!!! Hahaha! Take care. Glad the lump jumped.

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)
yup, i'm glad it went away. was concerned that lump might be something more serious. i hate getting sick.

Anonymous said...

there's just a little more to hold and love!


Anonymous said...

happy lunar new year. thanks for visiting my blog. but i dont update that much. instead i update www.formanz.com. check it out.

Toyo said...

TA? What does the TA stand for?

No problem, matevam. Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year to you and to everyone :-)

Anonymous said...

more of you to love (i know it is so cliche). but you are right, people still have a lot of growing up in pinas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rey, "TA" stands for "totally anonymous" you're not chubby, you look healthy.

take care my mate!