27 January 2009


You grow up so fast...

...and even if people made fun of the way you look, you'll always be my extraordinary little buddy providing me with lots of smiles and laughters. Hahaha! See? I'm laughing now. LOL! :-)

Mandy Moore - Extraordinary

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Ironically, "Enzo Madrid" was supposed to be my umm... "screen name" when I was once offered to be in a independent, gay-oriented movie by a talent scout. Hehe! The talent scout's legit. Ryan/my bf knows the guy. Works for a tv network if I remembered it right. I had to decline because when I told my parents about the offer, the first words that came out of them were "ayaw namin ng bold at wala dapat sex scenes", "no nudity and no sex scenes" they said. The talent scout informed me that there'll be some sex scenes and nudity. It was 2 years ago. It's one of my regrets because I'm curious when it comes to filmmaking, editing, etc. Shhh! Don't tell my folks about my "Insomnia" youtube video, ok? LOL! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, are you making fun of Enzo, Rey? But he looks so cute. He has this wide-eyed, confused and worried look that is so adorable. Is Enzo neutered? If so, then I think he can't have sex scenes in movies.

terry said...

there's something cute about your dog...i just don't know what it is.

it's snowing very heavily here Rey. although it's night-time, it looks almost daylight with the bright white snow as far as the eye can see. kids in the neighbourhood are building snowmen and having snowball fights...it's kind of fun to watch.

take care Mr Madrid

Anonymous said...

Hi toyo, im mark and i saw one of your video taken in salcedo park. Doon kasi me nakatira dati hehehe sana kasama aq! Taga Bulacan din ako, Sta Maria. Sana we can be friends... Hehehe

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ryan said...

Both of your "Dads" (your Daddy Rey and I) are very poud of you Son! Too bad, you're way gorgeous than us! ;o) We love you our Baby ENZO!!!

cumONme said...

nice dog..