15 March 2009


Haven't been blogging for quite some time. Been very busy lately. Haven't been working out for a month too because of the busy sched. Too busy to even flirt? Umm...would you believe me if I answered, "yes." Hahaha!

My sleeping pattern is already back to normal. It was hard at first but I was able to correct my sleeping habit. It's nice seeing the sunrise every morning :-) Anyway, it's summer once again. Time to get back in-shape so that I'll be confident wearing my thong on the beach. HAHAHA! Kidding!
By the way, I was informed that someone has been using my photos in Skype. I just want to let everyone know that I do not have an account with Skype. I rarely even chat online. The only internet accounts I have are; Guys4men, YouTube (where I store my videos), Blogger, IMEEM (where I store my mp3s), Facebook (which I rarely access). and recently, Friendster (which I rarely access too). Ok, that's all. Have a wonderful day :-)

Craig David - Insomnia

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Anonymous said...

isa na ako sa mga bagong fan ng blog site na ito. u never fail to lighten up my day. thank you. - dont forget nag-aaply nako bilang next cast sa next video mo, if you have plans having one. its an honor to be part of it, kung sakali. - allan54

Toyo said...

thanks allan54, you're from g4m right? i'm quite busy lately. have lots of ideas for a video. just not enough time to shoot one.

and i'm pissed at youtube too, because they censored my insomnia vid and removed the music even if i've acknowledged the song that i used in my video.

take care!

Anonymous said...

It is good to see you are okay. Take good care.


fudgehead said...

Hey Rey,

I'm writing to encourage you to keep on bloggin, man! Some of your posts are deadly hilarious but often all are thought-provokin.

We all have reasons for following blogs written by people we don't know personally--- others do it because sometimes it's the closest one can get from reality.

Hope to read more of your posts.

Toyo said...

thanks for all the greetings and comments ;-)

Dode said...

just wanna say na i admire your courage for coming out! nice one!

Toyo said...

thank you.