15 March 2009


Haven't been blogging for quite some time. Been very busy lately. Haven't been working out for a month too because of the busy sched. Too busy to even flirt? Umm...would you believe me if I answered, "yes." Hahaha!

My sleeping pattern is already back to normal. It was hard at first but I was able to correct my sleeping habit. It's nice seeing the sunrise every morning :-) Anyway, it's summer once again. Time to get back in-shape so that I'll be confident wearing my thong on the beach. HAHAHA! Kidding!
By the way, I was informed that someone has been using my photos in Skype. I just want to let everyone know that I do not have an account with Skype. I rarely even chat online. The only internet accounts I have are; Guys4men, YouTube (where I store my videos), Blogger, IMEEM (where I store my mp3s), Facebook (which I rarely access). and recently, Friendster (which I rarely access too). Ok, that's all. Have a wonderful day :-)

Craig David - Insomnia

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