10 April 2009

Happy Dawg!

Playing with Enzo. Nothing much to do that night. As you can see, I was very wholesome and had my clothes on in this recent video. LOL! ;-)


terry said...

Enzo looks real contented; and so do you. Have a happy Easter.

robert said...

oh gee,enzo has grown a lot.and he's so cute.i got back late feb.but i was pre-occupied caring for my sick dog,shadow.he passed away last march 14.it was devastating on my part bcoz i consider him my best buddy.and we're together for almost 7 years.i really cried a river and has not gotten over it until now.meron naman siyang naiwan na anak,but still,i miss him so much.he's more loving than my partner,hahaha.but it's true.oh well,take care and nice to be back.oh,by the way,it seems like you loose weight?hard work?

Toyo said...

Thanks Terry. How's life? I hope everything's fine on your side of the world.

Hi Robert. I'm sorry to find out about Shadow. I'll probably also cry a river if something bad happened to Enzo.
2009's been a busy and stressful year for me. A lot of things going on. Well at least it's not boring, that's what I tell myself.

Have a wonderful Easter to everyone :-)

terry said...

I'm fine thanks Rey,the warmer weather has finally arrived and spring is in the air. You're such a wholesome person!

Sorry about Roberts dog.

allan540 said...

when ive seen this video, the more im tempted to own and be the father of the shar pei that ive been eyeing in the pet shop.
enzo you are so blessed to have two dads. - allan540

Toyo said...

a shar pei?
that's a cute dog.
what's keeping you from owning one?
having a pet is a wonderful thing.
relieves stress at the end of the day.

allan540 said...

well, i need to consider the cost of expenses of raising a pet. vaccines, food, grooming, clothing, cage.... maybe i am not yet equipped to be a dad. more shar pei's to be born.