22 May 2009


Ryan & I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary last month. During the early weeks of our relationship, I thought we wouldn't last long. Back then, he saw me as this naive probinsiyano/guy from the province. I saw him as a diva drama queen/nagging "wife." Hahaha! Aside from that, we're just two very different people whose personalities often clashed. 3 years later and we're still together. It's a miracle! LOL!

Here we are in my house, taking pics just before we drove on our way to the place where we were going to celebrate our anniversary.

Ryan's only 2 years older than me but he looks like a "daddy" now. He needs to get back in shape! I command you to get back in-shape Babe!!!! I met him 2 months after I ended a previous relationship. Met him through a website. The now defunct G4M. We started with friendly chats. Weeks later, we decided to meet. After a day of dating (hahaha!) I asked him if he wanted us to be exclusive with each other. He was hesitant. So the following day I dated another guy from Makati Med. Hello Makati Med guy! Hehe! When I told Ryan about it, he immediately agreed to be exclusive bf's. LOL! Natakot ang Ryan. Pademure pa kasi. Buti nga! ;-p

Arte no? Paposing posing na naman. Bakit ba, eh sa gusto kong magpose. Walang pakialamanan! Kanya-kanyang trip tayo. LOL! This is where we were supposed to have our anniversary dinner, in an open-air restaurant overlooking Taal Volcano. See the fog? Unfortunately, it began raining hard after this photo was taken. We decided to spend it in another place. I wasn't in the mood to take photos by that time. I was too hungry :-p

I plan to do a new video by the end of June. It will be a little like my "Buddies" or "Love" video. I just need a cute guy who'll play as Ryan's younger brother. Someone in his mid 20s. It's hard to find someone brave enough to do a kissing scene in public though. That will be the final scene. Anyone interested to apply? ;-) I hope my plans push through.

12 May 2009


I miss the sun. Rainy days are becoming more frequent. Another season is about to turn. Why did summer have to end so soon? I love the sun and the clear blue sky. Been getting some emails to post a pic of my ummm...backside since I posted that Insomnia video of mine. Request granted. Anyway, my blog only has a few readers so only a few will know about these pics. But I really don't care if other people saw these. They're merely photos. Hehe!
I have no problems with nudity but this is as far as I go here in my blog. Full monty is in my Planetromeo/G4M. LOL! Such a tease huh? I'm only naughty in cyberspace. In person, I'm meek and is the quiet type. Have a nice day :-) ready to fight? ;-)

naughty huh?

Madonna - Bedtime Story

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