22 July 2009


Hello! Long time no see huh? Been super busy lately. Yay! My hair is slowly returning. Hahaha! I can now use my brush and hairdryer. LOL! Nanay/my mother warned me never to shave my hair or else she'll bitch slap me. Oh no! Kakatakot! ;-)

Ryan already moved in with me in my house here in Bulacan. He sold his condo in Makati. NOOOO!!!! It means I won't have a playground in the city anymore!!! Boohuhu! The cute men are in Makati ya know! Dami pa namang gwapo doon. Kainis! Dito sa Bulacan, parang wala yata. If any cute Bulakenyos want to protest against my statement, feel free to rally in front of my house. I'll welcome you with open arms, complimentary drinks (like umm..Zesto. Haha!), and umm...a kiss! LOL! ;-)

I converted what used to be my bedroom's office area into Ryan's own bedroom. I know, that old TV has got to go. Yup, Ryan and I don't sleep in the same room. Before he moved in with me I told him; "Babe, I love you but we're not going to be sleeping on the same bed." Why did I tell him that? It's because he's a very (as in) very loud snorer, AND he turns/moves a lot while sleeping. Kakainis! Kakapuyat ha! He'll ruin my beauty sleep. LOL! The only time we share a bed together is when we watch a DVD or TV show and umm...you know. Haha!

My side of the master bedroom. I like darker, cozy colors. I also don't want too many things inside my bedroom.
Ryan's side of the master bedroom. He likes lighter colors which is why he's decided to take this room instead of the guestroom. He plans to redecorate our rooms once he's already fully settled in. I'm not very good in decorating and stuff, so I gladly let him handle that task.

This is all for now. Have a wonderful day :-)


Jinjiruks said...

waaa.. danda ng haus kuya toyo. hehe.. kakainggit naman. kelan kaya ako magkakaroon ng ganyang bahay!

mas ok hair mo ngayon kesa bald ka.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, separate rooms - i know what you mean though. i'm usually grumpy when i don't get a good sleep. all the best to you two. you are funny as always.


Mirage said...

congrats to your reuniting with your hair!

and nice house ha!


well atleast you have more time together, d b?

waiting for more blogs of yours to come...

Toyo said...

Thanks for the comments, guys :-)

john said...

toyo, I'm happy for the two of you now that you live together.

I'm sad though, ngayon mas wala na ako pag asa sayo hehe

john said...

toyo, I'm happy for the two of you now that you live together.

I'm sad though, ngayon mas wala na ako pag asa sayo hehe

Toyo said...

awww....that's sweet of you to say john :-)

a mate said...

It must be love,
nothing more;nothing less
Love is the very best.

Stay Happy!