02 July 2009


Ryan's lost some weight, thank goodness. I told him that he should really try to get back in-shape. He has scoliosis, and the added weight on his belly might further worsen his back's condition. I also get annoyed whenever we bumped into some of his friends whom he has not seen in quite some time and his friends wouldn't recognize him bec. he has gained weight. I told him that it bothers me. Lalo na pag narinig ko sinasabi sa kanya na "tumaba ka." Hirap naman idefend kasi totoo naman. Tumatahimik na lang ako pero sa loob ko naaasar ako sa situwasyon. No more Krispy Kremes for you Babe. You're going on a special diet. A diet of water. LOL! Nirekomend ko yung SM Bonus na mineral water pero ayaw niya! Snobbish??!! Gusto daw niya Evian. Sosyalera! :-p

I'm trying my best to stay in-shape, I told him that he should try to take care of his body too. He's a little stubborn. He and I aren't getting any younger. I want the both of us to grow old healthy, and age gracefully. I don't want him to be too thin though. I want him to be stocky/muscular again just like the first time I met him. Stocky/muscular = my fetish. Mighty meaty! Yumyum. Haha! Kaya nga bumigay agad ang lolo niyo sa kanya nung first meeting namin kasi fetish ko katawan niya no. Hehehe! Ayaw nga lang pabottom. Swapang. Hahaha! Hanap na lang ako ng proxy. LOL! Don't worry Babe, you'll always be my big boned baby ;-)


robert said...

hi rey,howdy? it's nice to know that ryan is exerting effort to loose weight.i-boost mo lang morale niya so he won't give up.yung partner ko has a great body too(my weakness too).we go to the gym together.and that was 20 something years ago(walang manunukso).now,napabayaan na rin niya katawan niya.kaya parang magkapatid na lang kami...hahaha.joke.but siyempre love ko pa rin.now,we're trying to go back i shape.i hope mag-succeed kami.we're taking alkaline based water.try it,it's healthy.good luck to both of you and stay in love with each other.my good wishes.

Jinjiruks said...

hehe. naku halos pareho kami ng partner mo. kelangan papayat na talaga!

Toyo said...

thanks robert and jinjiruks.
good luck dieting :-)

allan540 said...

ps. ryan looks better when he is chubby... parang teddy bear masarap i-cuddle

Toyo said...


Anonymous said...

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Toyo said...

no problem dennis :-)