30 August 2009

Shirt's Off! Shirt's On! 2

Once again, I want to make it clear that I am not claiming to be muscular nor sexy. This video is a response to some of my viewers and readers emailing me for shirtless pics. I've compiled some of the photos I have here in my blog into a single video. Have a wonderful day :-)

24 August 2009


Ho-hum! Got nothing juicy to blog lately. Ryan's away for a week to attend his niece's 18th birthday in Dumaguete. The cat's away, should I play? Nah! Not in the mood actually. I'm on meds/antibiotics. Injured my gum while brushing my teeth a few days ago. Now it's swollen. Ang sakit ha! Hirap kumain! Hobby ko pa naman yun! LOL! Di ko man lang na french kiss bf ko before he left kasi bawal. Boohuhu! I wasn't even able to French kiss my bf before he left because of my swollen gum. Waaah! Grrr!!! Roar!!! LOL!

Ryan and I have a baby! Biro lang. Just kidding. That's my sister's daughter, Sachi. Ryan and I happen to be her godfathers. Look at her long legs. I hope she becomes 5'10" tall when she reaches adulthood. Unlike me. I'm only 5'7" tall. Boohuhu! Hindi ako matangkad. Vertically challenged. Boohuhu! Why??!!! Bakit??!!! Shhh!! This is our little secret ok? LOL! My family's growing and she's a wonderful addition. I was still a skinhead when the photo was taken. I miss being a skinhead sometimes. What am I saying? A few weeks ago I was ranting about how my hair took forever to return. Make up your mind Rey! Slap! Slap! Slap my bubblebutt. Haha! Ryan told me that I looked snobbish in the photo. I'm not a snob! I told him that I didn't smile on the photo because skinheads shouldn't smile. Not smiling is part of a skinhead's barbaric appeal. Barbaric??! LOL! Haha! I'm talking gibberish now. Probably the meds. I'd better stop before I blurt out anything umm...I might regret later like scandals and stuff. LOL! Father's scheduled to undergo surgery on his eye next week at the Asian Eye Institute. I hope everything goes well. I'm not fond of clinics and hospitals. Have a nice day ;-)