27 September 2009


I and my family are but some of the thousands of people affected by typhoon Ondoy. When I went out to check my parents and sisters inside our compound, the water was waist-deep. The homes of my sisters got flooded. My parents and I were spared because before our homes were built, the ground underneath them were elevated in preparation of situations such as flooding. My town is located in-between two rivers; Bocaue and Balagtas. The walls of our family compound saved us and prevented more water from coming in. I was scared. Our warehouses, machineries and our inventories that were to be sold have been flooded but I'm still thankful that we have survived this ordeal unharmed. Life is what matters most. I pray that the coming week will bring better days for all of us here in the Philippines, especially to those who were severely affected by the typhoon.

If you wish to help the victims of the typhoon, you can visit the website of the Philippine National Red Cross. The link is http://www.redcross.org.ph/

22 September 2009


Took this photo 2 days ago. Hairline is receding. Gray hair increasing. Dark circles & lines underneath my eyes. Age is catching up on me. Hay buhay....ganyan talaga. Oh well...that's life :-) Why do we have to grow old? It's annoying! LOL!

On another note, someone recently sent me a message in Planetromeo saying that he saw me shopping at Ace Hardware (SM Marilao) last week. I knew he was telling the truth because his desciption of what I was wearing during that time was correct. The guy also mentioned in his message that he wanted to introduce himself but got "intimidated." I asked him, "in what sense were you intimidated?" He replied that I seem like a guy who wouldn't pay attention to guys like him. Medyo mayabang daw dating ko especially when I walk. "Astig" daw kilos ko. I didn't reply anymore. If he's intimidated by me, then that's his problem. I told Ryan about it and he told me that there's some truth to what the guy said. Ryan said that I have this "tough guy" way of walking/mannerism that if I was walking at night alone in dark alley, I might end up getting in a fight with other guys loitering in the streets. Ryan further added that once I start talking though and people hear my "boyish" voice (LOL!) the tough guy persona's over. Hahaha! May pagkapaminta daw talaga dating/kilos ko, unless magsalita ako. ANTIPATIKO!!!! Antipatikong Ryan na yan talaga ha! Kurutin ko bilbil niya eh...sa kili-kili. Hahaha! I am not a snob ok? If someone bumped in to me and wanted to introduce himself, I'm not going to deny him as long as he's decent and umm....looks like Ricky Martin. Hahaha! Ricky Martin, I love you!!! LOL! Just kidding. I'm not a snob. Now that I've cleared things up umm....where are all the cute men here in Bulacan that I can be "friends" with to release me from the boredom of this sleepy town I'm in. Hehe! :-)


18 September 2009

Bad Hair Day

I was deleting files on my computer and I've stumbled on to this one.
Recorded a few months ago. Frustrated at my hair taking too long to grow back. Haha!