25 October 2009

Infatuation 2009

It's that time of the year again in which I talk about the men I'm obsessing and would never have. Hahaha! It's a such lazy Sunday afternoon and I've got nothing else to rant about. So boring here in the province :-) If a look-a-like of any of these hunky hunky men happens to flirt with me, then it's definitely game on and trousers off. I'm crossing my fingers. LOL!

5th on the list is Marco. I already had a crush on him when he was still a member of a boyband but when I saw his indie movies in which he did frontal nudity scenes, I was like yum yum yum! What a "package!" Ang laki! Nahalatang size queen tuloy. 6 inches pataas lang dapat. LOL! Kidding. It's all in the performance...kuno ;-) 4th spot goes to Ryan. First saw him in the HBO vampire series True Blood. The guy has an amazing body & abs and such a cute face. I'd definitely want a bite of him. 3rd place is Aljur. He's fit. He's cute and he's "moreno" (bronze/brown skin). I find moreno men very sexy. Hindi din siya mukhang maarte nor mayabang unlike other matinee idols here in the Philippines. 2nd runner up goes to Akihiro, the Japanese/Brazilian model. I mean, who wouldn't love that face? Love you Aki! But not as much as I looooooove Ricky. A hot daddy, singer, dancer and philanthropist. Love him. I've been obsessing about Ricky for years. Hahaha! Dream on Toyo. Dream on! Next week, mga crush ko naman sa G4M/PlanetRomeo and Facebook. Hehe! Kidding! :-) 

19 October 2009


Time moves so fast. The newest & youngest member (my niece/Sachi) of my family recently celebrated her 1st birthday. My goodness, by the time she turns 18 I'll be 52. Oh no!!!! I'd better not skip using my moisturizer. Hahaha! Dapat todo effort every night ang pag apply ng moisturizer to maintain a beautiful skin...na walang blemishes. LOL! I don't want to grow old. It's too hard. :-( I can't believe my little sis, the person who I used to tease and annoy is now a mom.

so young.... life is just beginning for her...

07 October 2009


I "celebrated" my birthday last 25th of September. Actually, I didn't really celebrate because I was sick. I just spent it alone here in my house. Fever, cough and cold and all :-(

Ryan was away so I was a little annoyed at him at that time. Hmp!

So he gave me these presents to compensate for his lack of presence during my birthday ;-p

Forgiveness has a price....LOL!

34. Oh my!! Shhh...if anyone asks, tell them I'm only 29 ok? Hehe! :-)

03 October 2009


Kainis! Waah! My laptop crashed corrupting one of my excel files. Even the backup file in my usb drive got corrupted because it was still inserted to my laptop when it crashed. I have to re-audit the entire month of September and these aren't the only receipts and papers I have to record. There's a box of them in the filing cabinet waiting for moi! Boohuhu! :-(
Auditing & bookkeeping = painfully boring! Kaasar!!!!
Anyway, I'm just gonna close my eyes and think of my....brand new crush! Yehey!! He's sooo cute. Haha! Now I feel better. Magpaligaw kaya ako sa kanya. Gusto daw niya umakyat ng ligaw eh? Umakyat?! Very Bulakenyo, very Tagalog. Haha! Sabi ko ok lang basta 'wag niya kalimutan magdala ng flowers & chocolates maski Serg's chocolates pwede na. LOL! ;-p