03 October 2009


Kainis! Waah! My laptop crashed corrupting one of my excel files. Even the backup file in my usb drive got corrupted because it was still inserted to my laptop when it crashed. I have to re-audit the entire month of September and these aren't the only receipts and papers I have to record. There's a box of them in the filing cabinet waiting for moi! Boohuhu! :-(
Auditing & bookkeeping = painfully boring! Kaasar!!!!
Anyway, I'm just gonna close my eyes and think of my....brand new crush! Yehey!! He's sooo cute. Haha! Now I feel better. Magpaligaw kaya ako sa kanya. Gusto daw niya umakyat ng ligaw eh? Umakyat?! Very Bulakenyo, very Tagalog. Haha! Sabi ko ok lang basta 'wag niya kalimutan magdala ng flowers & chocolates maski Serg's chocolates pwede na. LOL! ;-p


rudeboy said...

I've always done the courting so I don't know how it feels na magpaligaw.

Must be a good feeling.

Toyo said...

It is, especially if the guy brings lots of food when he makes ligaw. I love food. Hehehe :-)

Anonymous said...

hi toyo (rey):)