18 January 2010

Pillow Talk...

The end of another long and tiring day...

all alone tonight for my man is away...

wish i have someone to make things interesting...

in this sleepy, provincial town i'm living in...

14 January 2010


Quite a busy atmosphere on my part of the world. Our main office is undergoing major renovation. It was damaged by the flood brought about by the typhoon that hit the country last September.

My father decided to elevate and remodel while it's still dry season. He's adding a second floor. Kakatrauma yung bagyong Ondoy last year.

Speaking of office work, I'm behind my bookkeeping duties and year-end reports. Oh no! LOL! It's tiring looking at numbers all day long. Naduduling na ako kakatingin at kakabalance ng numbers.
I'll be alone all weekend. The cat will be away...so...should the mouse play?
Nah! I don't know any prospective, single "PLU" here in Bulacan. There's this one guy I find interesting. Had a chat with him in PlanetRomeo. He happens to be a relative of one of our business clients. Never met him in person but he said he already saw me while I was driving around town and while I was also standing outside our main office. Small world. Maliit lang naman ang Bocaue. Maybe he and I can be friends. Depends on his character and attitude. Ayoko ng maarte and pangit ugali. Ayoko din ng masyado maporma manamit. Simple lang gusto ko. I'll contact him probably next weekend and see what happens next. Depende sa mood ko. Minsan kasi tinatamad na ako lumabas ng house. Gusto ko na lang magpahinga sa bahay pag weekend.

02 January 2010


Happy New Year!
Holiday season is over :-(
I'm still hung-over from all the food bingeing. LOL!
Time to get back in-shape.

Malungkot ako kasi it's back to reality come Monday. Boohuhu! Back to work. Oh no! Kawawa naman ako. Boohuhu! I don't wanna work! LOL!
It's 2010. My goodness! New year. New life. New hopes. New opportunities. Umm...new men too? I'd like that. LOL! Kidding! Hehehe!
It's so boring here in Bulacan. Boring night. Where are the cute PLUs?