02 January 2010


Happy New Year!
Holiday season is over :-(
I'm still hung-over from all the food bingeing. LOL!
Time to get back in-shape.

Malungkot ako kasi it's back to reality come Monday. Boohuhu! Back to work. Oh no! Kawawa naman ako. Boohuhu! I don't wanna work! LOL!
It's 2010. My goodness! New year. New life. New hopes. New opportunities. Umm...new men too? I'd like that. LOL! Kidding! Hehehe!
It's so boring here in Bulacan. Boring night. Where are the cute PLUs?



a g4m chatbud said...

a sense of humor. i like that.
anyone told you you have nice eyes? happy new year.

Anonymous said...

hay naku,masyado kang figure concious.for me,tama lang ang body size mo.all bulges' in their proper places.LOL.so huggable...so kissable,so lickable...uhmmm.LOL.
buti ka pa,sa monday ka pa magback 2 work.ako,i'm always working...dying to earn that almighty dollar.i'm off to work in 2hrs,working the graveyard shift in the hospital.huhuhu.
more blessings to you and ryan this 2010!take care.mwahhh.

Anonymous said...

I am just here . . .

Toyo said...

Thanks for the comments. Happy new year! :-)

kyle said...

i love you toyo!!!

Mirage said...

happy new year, toyo!

may you have more success, happiness, health and blessings!

keep on bloggin'!!!!

Anonymous said...

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