28 March 2010

Forbidden Fruit...

Bumped into a high school batchmate of mine recently while buying some stuff at a bookstore. He probably thought that I was bored while I was in line at the counter paying, so he approached me and whispered "Smile naman diyan" ("Spare a smile?"). Nagulat naman ako, I mean sino 'tong cute na ito, sabi ko sa sarili ko. LOL! I was surprised because I didn't recognize him at first until he formally introduced himself as a batchmate of mine during high school. He is so cute! He's taller than me. Average to semi-muscular. At least di masyado malaki tiyan. Nice smile. Nice butt. ;-)
After I finished paying, we decided to hang out for a while. My "defenses" were still up, trying to gauge whether the guy is gay or straight. After some chitchats and some food (nilibre niya ako ng chicharon and umm...vitwater. you know? try one now. lol), and exchanging of phone numbers we went our separate ways. I was bummed because I didn't get a text message from him the following day nor the day after that so I assumed that he's probably straight and was just being friendly with me until the 3rd day after our meeting, I received a very interesting sms from him.
The text message said "I like you. Care to go out?" Aaaayyyy!!!! Bigla naman humaba ang bangs ko! Hahaha! Feeling ko kasi ang pangit pangit ko. Medyo pumayat ako eh. Balik ang confidence! LOL!
I felt so darn good reading that message. I felt showered with so much love and umm...desire. Desire???!!! What the??!! Hahaha!
Since I'm already too old to play hard-to-get, I replied that I like him too. Uuuyyy!!! LOL!
34 na ako ayoko na masyado magpademure effect no! ;-)
We met at a local Starbucks. We talked quite a bit although deep inside I was asking myself, when is this guy gonna make a move? He's taking too long! Hehehe! Ang bagal! ;-)
I was starting to get bored and he seemed tense (he was already starting to babble) so I asked him if he wanted us to be in some place where we could have a little privacy. He smirked and said "Yes."
Yup something happened and it was GREAT! He was like a savage animal. Woof! Woof! LOL! Licking my body all over, which is just what I like. We're both tops, so we didn't go all-the-way. Going all-the-way is too much work anyway. LOL! He said that it was his first time with a man. I answered "late bloomer?" He pinched me and laughed. Did you enjoy your ummm...."first time?" I asked. He requested for a second round. Hahaha!
But like all good things, this one will probably not last. Before we parted ways, he confessed that he's already married (to a woman) and that for me is a dealbreaker.
Yeah, I'm also in a relationship, but at least my partner knows my "extra curricular activities." Ryan and I both do. ;-)
Got a text message from him just a few hours ago. He wanted to "meet."
I replied "you are married!"
"I like you, I'm comfortable with you, I don't know, I may even love you. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. I just want to be with you." He texted back.
What she doesn't know won't hurt her? My ex used to tell me that. I'm not going to repeat a past mistake. I still care for my ex though. He's still a friend. Hello Amboy/ex if you're reading this. Hehehe!
Anyway, I'm confused. I really like the guy. He also told me that he doesn't care if he'll play second to Ryan, he only wants me to give him a chance. I asked myself if this guy's for real or if he's just playing me? I like him. He seems genuine but my defenses are up.
This is the first time that my belief system's been challenged.
Bakit kasi masarap ang bawal? Matext back nga siya. LOL! Haha!

22 March 2010

Weeding Out

I recently weeded out some contacts from my FaceBook account. Members who requested to be connected to me but didn't even bother trying to get to know me throughout the whole time that they've been a part of my list of "friends" in FaceBook. Some of them I haven't even met in real life. I was just concerned that I might offend them if I didn't approve their "invitation" to be my FaceBook buddies which is why I added them in my list of friends. Anyway, I deleted them and I'm going to delete more. I'd rather have a few connections than a thousand. I mean, who has a thousand +++ friends in the first place? A cyberslut?! LOL! I'd understand if you're a celebrity, a fan page or an organization, but if you're not then... How can one nurture a thousand friendships? Baffling! LOL!
I also organized contacts in my phones. I deleted contacts who do not even bother replying if I sent them text messages, especially if it's a specific text message. Don't you just hate it when people do that to you? I mean, ignoring your text messages. I have 3 phone numbers. Contacts in the cheapest phone are for new acquaintances and umm..flirting. LOL! I rarely use my cheapest phone. Contacts in my Nokia Communicator are people that I've been communicating for some time now and are thinking of meeting or possibly becoming friends with in real life, it's also a business phone. Contacts in my IPhone are family & friends. I recently demoted (demoted? as in! LOL!) one contact in my IPhone and transferred it in my cheapest phone. I texted him yesterday but he didn't reply. It's a shame, I was about to ask him to meet me since we both live in the same town. Wanted him to spend a Sunday afternoon here in my house since I was so bored and all alone. It means I will not contact him anymore since his number is deleted from my IPhone. I hate mind games. He's not worth it.

02 March 2010


The end of another long day. Just here on my terrace, trying to cool down. Yeah, my garden needs more work. Weather seems to be getting hotter & hotter as each day passes by. Summer has finally set in.
Met a guy I've been corresponding with for a long time a few days ago, with Ryan's permission of course. I do not kiss-and-tell and I respect the person's privacy so I'm not going to elaborate any further nor give any hints regarding the guy's background
As far as hot encounters are concerned, I give the guy an A rating! After all, the guy knows how to lick. Whew! He licked me all over. Hehehe! He wanted me to be his top but I do not go all-the-way during a first meeting. Maybe in the future. Whether I see him again or not depends on my man's permission. The guy and I still text each other. He's a very nice and kind young man. Now, who's next? LOL! Kidding! Well...meron isa pero masyado pa hard-to-get eh kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko wa'g na lang ;-) Oh well, time for me to hit the shower, the warm weather's making me feel lazy/lethargic. 'Til next time :-)

Important lesson learned recently; "Never allow anyone to define how you feel about yourself."
Someone I thought was a friend judged me harshly. Anyway he's not a friend anymore, is out of my life and deleted from my Facebook. LOL! ;-)
Thanks for the comments and emails of support. Your emails made me not delete my blog.