25 April 2010

Random Thoughts....

Lazy weekend. Got nothing much to talk about. So, I thought I'll just share some words and beliefs I live by which I've learned through my personal experiences...
Appreciate the things you have, and you will never feel deprived.
I'd rather have lack of sleep than sleep forever.

I'd rather be alone than be with someone who makes me feel as if I'm still alone.

Monogamy is overrated. Love, trust and respect are more important.

Where you are right now is based on the decisions you made in the past. You either congratulate or blame yourself.
It's unhealthy to dwell too much in the past. Snap out of it and move on.
A life of constantly seeking other people's approval is a life less lived.

Love is sometimes not enough to make anyone change. Change is a personal decision.

If your man says he doesn't want to talk, it means you shut your pie hole and stop nagging him.

Less talk, less mistakes. Dignity in silence.

Show me who your FaceBook buddies are and I'll tell you if you're gay.

The closet is a confined limited world. Get out of it.

Slaves to fashion are no different from lemmings. They all look the same. Same style. Same clothes. Same haircut. Unoriginal.

A great kisser is a blessing. A kiss-and-tell is a menace. Namedropping is tacky & uncool.

Bisexuality is merely a stopover on the way to gayville.

Casual sex is not a sin, unsafe sex is.
Homosexuality IS MY favorite sin. LOL!

Diets don't work, exercise & proper eating habits do.

Wanna lose weight? Get a boyfriend. Wanna gain weight? Get a husband.
Wanna stay fit? Get a fling! Hehehe! :-)

16 April 2010


Been serious with my workouts and diet. Well, I'm not really dieting. Diets don't work. I'm just more mindful of the things I eat because I want to get rid of my love handles and I'm happy that at least they've gotten smaller now. Hehehe! I've underestimated my metabolism I guess. I always lose track of the fact that I'm already in my mid 30s. My metabolism isn't as fast as it was during my 20s in which I can eat anything I wanted to without worrying about getting a belly :-)

Whether I get to realize my dream of having washboard abs will only be a bonus. Getting ripped abs is very difficult, I have to be realistic. I just want my tummy to be at least tight again as it was 3-4 years ago so that it won't fold and bulge out especially while I'm sitting. LOL! As for the rest of the photo...well...the uncropped version is in some social networking site that I'm a member of. Hehehe! Such a naughty bloke huh? Anyway, just because one can see doesn't necessarily mean that one can easily touch ;-)


10 April 2010

Long Time! No See!

Just wanted to say "Hi!"
This video was done almost a month ago. It's only now that I was able to edit and place subtitles in it.
Random rants. Zits, high school crush, etc. ;-)

03 April 2010

Just Friends?

I'm not been well last week. Been feeling sick.
But now that I'm feeling a little better and my appetite's starting to normalize, I asked Ryan to take me out for some delicious steak. Yum Yum! :-)
Went to Trinoma Mall and decided to spend lunch at Holy Cow Chop House.
As usual, while we're waiting for our food to arrive Ryan took a photo of me. He forced me to sit on that cow by the way. Grrrrrr!!! Yeah, I think I need to get my haircut. LOL! I felt guilty because of that bovine sofa/statue that I decided to not have steak anymore. I ordered this instead ;-) iPhone's cam isn't the best.
In other news, I've ended "things" with the high school batchmate. He's beginning to expect more from me. I don't wish to give him false hopes. Of course, my partner reprimanded me again. Huhuhu! "Better be clear from the start with your intentions with other men as to avoid complicating things" Ryan said. Wala naman akong intention na masama. Honest naman ako sa tao na iyon sa simula pa lang. Mali ko lang siguro is kapag gusto ko kasi ang isang tao, malambing ako masyado. Sigh! He texted me and said that he still wants to be friends with me. I told him that that would be nice but I can't see him at the moment. I am physically attracted to him and we might end up having sex again. Real friends don't fuck each other. I like him. Cute niya eh. Malambing din. Weakness ko malambing at magaling mag-alaga. Kainis! Hehehe! Why did it have to become complicated? Why couldn't he just treat me as a mere sex object? Hahaha! LOL! Kidding! I really like the guy. I wish him well.