03 April 2010

Just Friends?

I'm not been well last week. Been feeling sick.
But now that I'm feeling a little better and my appetite's starting to normalize, I asked Ryan to take me out for some delicious steak. Yum Yum! :-)
Went to Trinoma Mall and decided to spend lunch at Holy Cow Chop House.
As usual, while we're waiting for our food to arrive Ryan took a photo of me. He forced me to sit on that cow by the way. Grrrrrr!!! Yeah, I think I need to get my haircut. LOL! I felt guilty because of that bovine sofa/statue that I decided to not have steak anymore. I ordered this instead ;-) iPhone's cam isn't the best.
In other news, I've ended "things" with the high school batchmate. He's beginning to expect more from me. I don't wish to give him false hopes. Of course, my partner reprimanded me again. Huhuhu! "Better be clear from the start with your intentions with other men as to avoid complicating things" Ryan said. Wala naman akong intention na masama. Honest naman ako sa tao na iyon sa simula pa lang. Mali ko lang siguro is kapag gusto ko kasi ang isang tao, malambing ako masyado. Sigh! He texted me and said that he still wants to be friends with me. I told him that that would be nice but I can't see him at the moment. I am physically attracted to him and we might end up having sex again. Real friends don't fuck each other. I like him. Cute niya eh. Malambing din. Weakness ko malambing at magaling mag-alaga. Kainis! Hehehe! Why did it have to become complicated? Why couldn't he just treat me as a mere sex object? Hahaha! LOL! Kidding! I really like the guy. I wish him well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rey,

It is very entertaining to read your blog.It's been a while that i been waiting for your new blogs.

Im far because im here UAE.
but i'm your fan.

keep it up take care.

Kyle said...

Si papa Toyo talaga.
I've been following your blog po for a long time na. Love ko po kayo. Let's date na!
Mwah! •_•

Anonymous said...

The surf and turf looks really good. Since you can't have him anymore, just have more surf and turf. I know it's not the same but at least it will save you from complications.

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)

Anonymous said...

I think i really love you Rey. hope to know you more deeply.

Toyo said...

who are you? hmm......

Anonymous said...

hi .. can i add you in my facebook account ?.. I'm a very much fan of or blog ..God bless _ gb

Toyo said...

no problem. give me your email address and i'll add you. i won't post your email here for privacy issues.

someone from a distance said...

the problem with gay people trying to be friends is that the inevitable nearly always happens. how can you nurture a true and loving friendship without the feelings of love taking over? soon you want to hold and love that person and softly place your lips on their lips. You want to remain in bed with them for weeks at a time holding their body next to your body just simply loving each other to the point of exhaustion.

I guess that’s the problem!

Toyo said...

@someone from a distance,

there's always ummm...friends with benefits. hehehe! kidding!
thanks for the comment :-)