25 April 2010

Random Thoughts....

Lazy weekend. Got nothing much to talk about. So, I thought I'll just share some words and beliefs I live by which I've learned through my personal experiences...
Appreciate the things you have, and you will never feel deprived.
I'd rather have lack of sleep than sleep forever.

I'd rather be alone than be with someone who makes me feel as if I'm still alone.

Monogamy is overrated. Love, trust and respect are more important.

Where you are right now is based on the decisions you made in the past. You either congratulate or blame yourself.
It's unhealthy to dwell too much in the past. Snap out of it and move on.
A life of constantly seeking other people's approval is a life less lived.

Love is sometimes not enough to make anyone change. Change is a personal decision.

If your man says he doesn't want to talk, it means you shut your pie hole and stop nagging him.

Less talk, less mistakes. Dignity in silence.

Show me who your FaceBook buddies are and I'll tell you if you're gay.

The closet is a confined limited world. Get out of it.

Slaves to fashion are no different from lemmings. They all look the same. Same style. Same clothes. Same haircut. Unoriginal.

A great kisser is a blessing. A kiss-and-tell is a menace. Namedropping is tacky & uncool.

Bisexuality is merely a stopover on the way to gayville.

Casual sex is not a sin, unsafe sex is.
Homosexuality IS MY favorite sin. LOL!

Diets don't work, exercise & proper eating habits do.

Wanna lose weight? Get a boyfriend. Wanna gain weight? Get a husband.
Wanna stay fit? Get a fling! Hehehe! :-)


Anonymous said...

great thoughts.i agree, except for the sleep thing. i need my sleep. i work long hours....i need my sleep. oh how i need my sleep...hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Nice, nice, nice...

-A silent follower of this blog

Toyo said...

Thanks for the comments :-)

Anonymous said...

you have one of the best looking faces in the entire world...sorry, the best looking face in the entire world and a ten hour kiss would be quite fantabulous. i know you're far too modest to publish this comment.

best click on anonymous just in case!

kyle said...

si eric santos ba yan? hehehe!

Toyo said...

thanks for teasing me. hehehe!

ewan ko sa yo! :-(

Anonymous said...

i've been reading this blog for a long time... i am still confused if im gay or not. weird i know. i doubt myself sometimes. i told myself that if ever the time comes that i decide to go gay all the way, i'd want my first man experience to be with you. hahahaha. (as if you'd be interested. lol)

Toyo said...

You're gay. Meet me and I'll prove it to you.
BUT I have a very strict dress code when meeting.
You and I must only be wearing our birthday suits. Hehehe! Kidding! :-)

Anonymous said...

sometimes i think i am gay but sometimes i think im straight.. i wouldn't say im bisexual because i think that's just stupid... im in a crisis.. hahaha... i get attracted to women, i fantasize about them and i do go in bed with women BUT i've always wondered how it is to go to bed with a man.. hahahaha... feeling ko kasi mas intense eh.... hahahaha... but everytime i would think what actually happens in bed, i think di ko kaya... told yah im confused.... pero i think you'd be gentle with me if ever.. lol..

terry said...

i honestly believe you're wiser than Yoda...may the force be with you rey!

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful eyes.

Toyo said...

thank you :-)