01 May 2010

Good Night :-)

"Lonely is the night...
when I'm not with you..."
Oh nothing. Just a little bored in the province.
No one to have fun with.
Can't seem to find the perfect and exclusive umm...never mind. Hehehe.
Care to read me a bedtime story? :-)
This pic was actually taken earlier this year. It's not as if I take pics of myself everytime you know? That would be weird of me to do :-)
That's Ryan's side of the bedroom. We sleep in separate beds because umm...he snores. Hehehe!
He's currently away. Work stuff.
I wish someone would drive by and take me out tonight... Sigh!


Anonymous said...

run away with me sexy!

Anonymous said...

Really, separate beds? You look lonesome tonight. Too bad I live very far.

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)

Anonymous said...

i'd read you a story but i can never get passed your maid...if only she'd like me. it's ok, i can wait forever..

XTian said...

Love you Toyo!
Can I sleep next to you and Ryan? Hehehe!

Toyo said...

Thanks :-)

Sure! LOL!

Jason said...

Gwapo ng mokong na to.
Kakainlove ka!

Toyo said...