27 June 2010

Haggard & Hung-over

It's the day after the Pride events and this is the aftermath. LOL!
I told ya you wouldn't like me in the morning.
I only used my Iphone's crappy camera so that I wouldn't appear too haggard in the pic. Less pixels = less ugliness. Haha!
I noticed that I didn't even position myself properly on my bed when I woke up ;-)
Had a fun time in Malate during the Pride parties even if I got drunk too early.
I wasn't even able to take photos. Bummer! :-(
I wasn't intoxicated, it was just that the drink Ryan gave me was a little strong
making my head ache, and I had trouble walking too. Oh no! Hehe!

I met a cute guy named Jae. We started out as chatmates in Grindr and since he was in the area that time, we decided to meet. It was a brief meeting which means no briefs were tossed out. LOL!
He's cute but he was a bit conscious and quiet. He later called me up saying he was tensed. Natorpe daw siya, gusto daw niya bumawi next time. Sabi ko nabitin ako, gusto sana kitang iuwi. Haha!
"Talk the talk, walk the walk" I replied jokingly. Oh well, if only he played his cards right he would have ummm...Hehehe!
Toyo's word of advice; Be a little aggressive if you wish Toyo to umm..."reciprocate" LOL!
Sleeping with your glasses on is one of the easiest ways to break it.
Trust me on this. Take it off before getting some Zzzzzz :-)

15 June 2010


Ryan wearing the shades of shame! LOL!
Earlier this year (February) I challenged him to start exercising again and quit smoking.
Since then I haven't seen him use my gym nor lessen the number of cigs he consumes in a day.
I asked him if he'll ever try to get back in shape and quit smoking. He couldn't give me a straight answer.

I accepted the fact that he couldn't and wouldn't do it. I was the one who quit the dare. Sabi ko sa kanya, bahala siya pag nagkasakit siya. Reklamo ng reklamo pag may masakit sa katawan niya, pero ayaw naman niya alagaan body niya. Sabunutan ko yan eh...sa kili kili. Hahaha! :-) Kakabwisit talaga, binibigyan tuloy ako ng wrinkles. LOL! I told him that if he got sick bec. of his unhealthy lifestyle, I don't want to hear any whining from him for he probably brought it on himself. He can whine on the handsome nurse that I'll hire to take care of him. Hahaha! The handsome hunky nurse is also obligated to ummm...."nurse" me too....while Ryan's asleep. LOL! Hehehe!
Kunsabagay, may mga nameet na akong nurses sa PRomeo, maraming selection and prospects. Haha! Babush for now! LOL! ;-)