02 August 2010


A short video clip of my recent visit to Singapore. Enjoy :-)


nick said...

veREY cool!!!
i really miss you doing videos.
glad you did one again.
cute talaga ng mokong na to. nyahaha! :p

Toyo said...

thank you :-)

kyle said...

papa toyo i lab u!!!! •_•
gawa ka pa madami video.
ako lang dapat cutey totoy mo ha.

Toyo said...

i lab u too! lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

What, no scene of you in speedos? Oh well, at least you had fun ;-)

Toyo said...

nope, we weren't able to have time to hit the waters.

probably in my future vids :-)

Miguel said...

Nice to know you got back to what you do best, which is making videos.
This is by far my favorite. Wholesome and well-paced.
You do have a knack when it comes timing. More please!

Toyo said...

thank you miguel :-)