10 September 2010


My baby boy is sick :-( Enzo has dermatitis.
He has to wear that silly Elizabethan collar until his skin condition is cured. Looks like a satellite dish to me. LOL! Don't let those puppy eyes fool ya. Once you remove his cone, he turns into this very hyperactive pooch ;-) Get well soon baby! Mwah!

On another note. I'm pleased to announce that Ryan has finally quit smoking. He hasn't had a cig for a month now. He got sick (fever) for a week and in that span of time wasn't able to smoke or had the urge to smoke. I told him to take it as an opportunity to quit the nasty habit, which he did. Hellelujah! Haha!

Still on another note (or in tagalog - nota. LOL!), I've been getting emails asking me what my biggest mistake was and how I overcame it, a la Ms. Universe 2010 question. Mga badush talaga, adik sa pageants. LOL! Gay men are so into pageants huh? ;-)

Anyway here's my answer: One of the biggest mistake I had ever made was to let a guy cheat on me not once but twice. I overcame that mistake by kicking him out of my life and then f@#king his fling later on. Problem solved. Thank you ladies and gentlemen and have a wonderful day. LOL! ;-)

04 September 2010


It's been a while since I've last video blogged. By the way, I was dressed in such a way because I was about to go and attend a formal event.
I didn't put on my suit yet because it's too warm :-) This video blog is about my favorite ballads from the 80s. Did your favorite make it in my list? ;-) In my next blog I'll present one from the 90s and from this decade. So sit back. Relax... And Reminisce...

20.Phil Collins 19.Brenda Russell 18.Debbie Gibson 17.The Cars 16.Tiffany 15.John Waite 14.Stevie Wonder 13.The Bangles 12.Kenny Loggins 11.Heart
10.Martika 9.Human League 8.Madonna 7.Air Supply 6.Steve Perry 5.Roxette 4.Survivor 3.Heart 2.Foreigner 1.REO Speedwagon