06 October 2010

Now and Then

I wonder if time has been kind to me.
 Have been quite stressed lately, making me feel old. Feeling ko losyang na ako. LOL!
I feel like retiring from "the scene." After all, I am 35.
Pero yung mga interesadong umeksena sa buhay ko eh sila na lang maghanap sa kin. Hehe! :-)
I think there's gonna be another high school reunion but I don't feel like attending it.
Besides, I'm avoiding a certain umm...batchmate/summer fling ;-)
It will be too awkward if I bumped into him.
Baka ibang bumping kasunod na mangyari na naman. Hehe! The bumping might turn into a grinding and a whole lot of pumping. LOL!

Circa  2010

Circa 2007
Taken with my old phone's camera.

Chicago - Will You Still Love Me

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kyle said...

you look like a daddy now.
hot papa na dating mo. mas nakakatakam.
nakakalusaw naman kung tumingin ito.
can i be your son? hihi!
sana pumayag ang papa ryan. lolz!

Andy said...

Love you papa Toyo!
Been a silent reader for years :)

Toyo said...

Thanks for the comments ;-)

Anonymous said...

pump up the jam, pump it up while your feet are stompin'
you can pump me up anytime toyo boy!


robert said...

ikaw naman,35 ka lang feeling losyang ka na. you look good...still.and yummy too.lol.
stress free your life and age gracefully,that's the best things you can do.give yourself a break whenever you feel loaded.ako,everyday i give myself some moments of silence...doing nothing and thinking of nothing.remember, silence is the language of the soul.and that helps me a lot to de-stress my life. age is just numbers. it's how you live your life.take care and hi everyone.

Toyo said...

thanks anonymous. pump up the volume! lol!

thanks for the message robert.
take care ok? :-)

Anonymous said...

wafu naman. hehe.

terry said...

you look pensive in both photos, but the years have been kind.

Toyo said...

do i really look pensive?
umm...maybe a little.
have a nice week ahead ahead terry!

LionelAndrei said...

hello Toyo! I accidentally viewed your blog and I first noticed a very good looking guy. I started reading the first blogs and enjoyed it. I am now trying to read your blogs from the beginning. In that way, I can know you a little bit better even if you are far far away from me.
I just want you to know that there are items in your blog that inspires me, makes me laugh so hard, makes me kilig, makes me think twice, makes me agree, and a lot more.
So don't ever feel losyang because the body may wrinkle, but the your soul will not if you do good to others.

Your friend,

Toyo said...

Thanks Andrei :-)