27 December 2010


Recently went on vacation in Boracay Island located in the province of Aklan. It's one of the top tourist destinations here in the Philippines. I haven't been to Boracay in years. These sceneries are but a small idea of what you can expect to see should you visit it. The island offers lots more beautiful sites to see and experience. The people are of course very friendly too. Retiring in a place like this is one of my dreams...   

♫ now we can walk...

...now we can run ♪

now we can stay all day in the sun...

...just you and me ♫

♪ and i can be...

part of your world... ♫
Yeah! Yeah! I love The Little Mermaid. Hehehe! 
Nakakarelate kasi ako sa story niya. Nakakarelate?!!! LOL! ;-P 

06 December 2010

Ballads II

In my last video blog, I presented some of my favorite ballads from the 80s.
This time around it's the 90s turn.
The 90s wasn't a happy period in my life. Fortunately, it had great songs that helped me get by back then. 25 memorable ballads in 10 minutes. Enjoy listening :-)
Ricky Martin...Tommy Page. I love you!!! LOL!

25.Amy Grant 24.Hanson 23.Spice Girls 22.Boyzone 21.The Cranberries 20.Tori Amos 19.Annie Lennox 18.Expose 17.Backstreet Boys 16.Bachelor Girl 15.Tommy Page 14.The Corrs 13.Shawn Mullins 12.REM 11.Shania Twain 10.Williams Brothers 9.Mariah Carey 8.Michael Bolton 7.Celine Dion 6.Rick Astley 5.Whitney Houston 4.Edwin McCain 3.Tiffany 2.Ricky Martin & Meja 1.Madonna