06 February 2011

Love Songs 2000-2010

This is the final part of my countdown blogs.
We've covered the 80s and 90s, now we're covering the first decade of the 21st century. Next time I do another countdown will be on 2020. My goodness! I'll be 45 by that time. I wonder if I'll still be as flirtatious as I am today. LOL! Kaalembongan na naman. Ang aking opisyal na bulaklak ay ang Alembong. Haha! I chose these songs because they remind me of certain men in my life, both past & present. LOL! Men talaga no? Plural? Lagot na naman ako. Kurutin na naman niya ako sa singit. Antipatiko! Happy Love Month! :-)


nOx said...

naks. the songs i grew up with.

nice vid!

ram said...

dami naman nila men talaga.hehehe!

Toyo said...

hehehe! thanks for the comments :-)

Anonymous said...

ang ganda. 2020 ang next - ang tagal naman.

Toyo said...

thanks :-)
i do countdowns by the decade para mas marami mapagpipilian.
i also wanted to do something from the 70s but i'm not that familiar with that decade.

ram said...

happy valentine toyo!