17 March 2011


 ♪ Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite, looking forward to a little afternoon delight ♫
LOL! I wish I can have my share of some hot afternoon delights but life has become boring. It has turned into a routine of going to the office and then going home.
I'm at the very top floor of my house. It's where I usually chill at the end of the day, checking my messages & emails on my iPhone while enjoying the cool breeze and watching the sun set. Naks! :-)

I'm so bored here in the province. Kakainis! This is such a sleepy provincial town and everyone (the cute ones at least) seem to be hiding in the closet. Grrr! Why are they hiding from me? Haha! LOL!
My favorite "funbud" from Kiwi land was here a month ago. I wasn't able to meet him. I wasn't feeling well and also there's conflict in our scheds. Huhuhu! Arteng katawan 'to. Walang pakisama :-( He's the only guy that I do not need Ryan's approval to go out with because he's also good friend of ours. *sigh* *sob* *weep* Yummy pa naman ng katawan non ;-)
Anyway, I have a new umm..."prospect" LOL! Kaya lang 20 lang ang age, baka gawin akong daddy. Hahaha! Hay naku, dati ako ang twink, ngayon papa na ang tawag sa akin. Sadyang, tumatanda na po ang inyong lingkod. Inyong lingkod??!!! Haha! He's quite young though, only 20 AND he calls me daddy! Goodness! Most of the guys hitting on me lately are from the 20something age range. I'll just turn him into one of my petpet boylets. LOL! The more the merrier because sharing is caring. Haha! Kasalanan po kasi ang maging swapang at masugid po akong naniniwala sa kasabihang "sharing is caring" kaya I'm willing to share myself. LOL! Loko-loko. Lagot na naman ako kay kumander. Biro lang ummm...semi-biro lang ;-p
This has been another edition of Toyo's Way. Babush! :-)


01 March 2011

Ballads 1970-1979

I've received a number of emails requesting me to do another countdown, particularly regarding 70s music. The decade has some great music by the way, but the fashion is ummm... Hehe! Enjoy listening :-)