01 April 2011

I Miss Ya ;-p

I miss my......flat tummy. Haha! 
Ano, astig ba dating? Nasa pag-eemote lang yan. LOL! ;-)
That's me around 2009.
I'm trying to get back into that physical state again as far as my waist is concerned but it's quite difficult. My waistline used to be 29 inches. Now it's around 31 inches of flabs. Oh! No!
Why???!!!! Why do I love eating......forbidden food! Haha! Bakit kaysarap ng bawal ;-p
It's so annoying that whenever I sit, I feel my stomach beginning to bulge and fold. LOL!
I know, it's part of aging (gaining a tummy), I am going to be 36 this year after all but it's still a little irritating nonetheless. 
Why do we have grow old! It's so annoying! Grrr!!! ;-)
Grabe, walang wala na sa kalendaryo ang edad ko. Kainis!

A few asked me why is it that whenever I post shirtless pics am I always in the same room.
Well, that's my personal gym at home. I sometimes take pics of myself after a workout to see whether my body is improving or not.
 The equipments aren't that expensive when I bought them years ago. It's my gift to myself. The multi-gym, weights, and bench all cost me less than P25,000 (around $600) which is about the same price as a mid-range smartphone. It's a health investment.
I'm not fond of going to commercial gyms. Too many distractions & I hate waiting in line to use weights or equipments. The treadmill is from my youngest sis. She left it when she and her husband moved in to their own home. She doesn't want to use it anymore since she's more into pilates and dancing.

By the way,some guys actually emailed me regarding my joke about umm...possible petpet boylets! LOL!
OK! OK! If anyone else is interested, a screening is gonna be held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle this Saturday at exactly 12 midnight. My assistant, the fashion czar of Masbate, Mr. Mitoy Poreno will be there with his mahiwagang measuring tape to evaluate and umm..."measure" the possible candidates. ;-)
 Applicants must be 18 years old and above and I just want to stress that anyone "measuring" below 6 inches shall be a ground for instant disqualification! Hehehe! Anyone caught wearing Bench briefs shall be imprisoned in my dungeon, and anyone claiming to be bisexual shall first have to undergo a compulsory lovemaking session with my lady assistant, former Ms. Wurrrd 2nd runner up Ms. Goofa Gutierrez to prove if he's indeed  bisexual. Haha! ;-p
However, unlike other searches, the search for Toyo's Mr. Petpet Boylet 2011 rewards candidates that have scandalous pictures and videos circling over the internet by immediately promoting them    into the semi-finals. Hehehe! Ano pa hinihintay niyo? Apply na! Bilis! Haha! Coronation night will be broadcast live this Sunday on Eh-Be-Es/Se-Be-En network. LOL!