27 June 2011


As the saying goes, whenever life throws you lemons, you make some sweet lemonades :-)

Anyway I've always been good at turning my back against negativity and "toxic" people.
Aquila non captat muscas. The eagle does not catch flies.

I'd rather focus on my dreams like umm...the dream of dating Ricky Martin. LOL!
I can dream can't I? Hehehe! :-)

15 June 2011


To shave or not to shave?
That is the question.
I've been thinking on whether to go skinhead again like the one in my pic, although my hair was already starting to grow back when this photo was taken.
Sometimes I miss being a skinhead. I didn't spend too much time in front of the mirror styling my hair back then. It was very liberating. I didn't have to spend a single cent on my haircut because I was the one shaving my hair. I have my own hair clipper :-)
Ryan and the ummm..."petpet boylets" (LOL!) also became somewhat friskier
when I was skinhead. Kaya tuloy fit na fit ako noon eh. Napapa "workout" lagi. Haha!

But a lot of people didn't like it when I was a skinhead, especially my parents.

They said that I didn't look presentable nor "formal", that I looked like a goon in a movie. Haha!
Mukha daw akong kontrabida sabi ng nanay ko. Hehehe!
My folks want my hair long like in my pic below so I'll look more "friendly"
 I told them "But I am friendly!"
 "Yes, when you're asleep" they replied.
Grrrrr! Hehehe!
Mga antipatiko! ;-)

On the downside, it was such a hassle when I already got tired of being "kalbo" (a skinhead). I had to wear a cap for a couple of weeks when I was growing my hair back. 
Oh well! Decisions! Decisions!
I know I'll be able to conquer this latest trial & tribulation and make it through this hairy situation with flying colors!
Trial and tribulation??!! Hairy situation?!! LOL! :-)
Bigat ng suliranin ko no?
Suliranin???!!!! Hehehe!
I'll just listen to some David Archuleta. He seems like the perfect petpet boylet. Haha!
This has been another edition of Toyo's Way. Mwah! Mwah! Babush! ;-p