25 July 2011


My gym. My sanctuary. A place to retreat to escape stress.
Hay naku ang daming kong problema lately.
Anyway, nice to be able to workout again after a 3-week absence.
The good thing about working out in your home is that, you do not need to worry about how you look like, what you're wearing, etc.
For instance, the shirt I'm wearing in the pic is quite old. Years old actually. May butas na nga eh :-) It even has a small hole/tore already, but since I workout at home I don't have to be too concerned about it :-)

You also need not wait in line to be able to use basic equipments like the weights for example nor do you have to deal with egomaniacal beefcakes who spend more time staring at themselves in front of the mirror than actually working out.
The downside? It can get a little boring and "uninspiring" when you're alone, and
there aren't cute men around to motivate you to workout more. Hehehe. 

Yeah! I still need to work on my tummy :-)
If you want the full monty version of the pic, you can catch it at the Guys with iPhones site. LOL!
Kidding! Kidding! I do not have pics there.
Kakaconscious. I think the site is for muscular men only.

20 July 2011

I ♥ Disney

Wasn't feeling well for the last couple of weeks.
I had a sore throat, which was followed by a cold and then a barking cough.
Whenever I got home, I was feeling too lethargic from the meds. The time I should be spending working out late in the afternoon in the gym was spent watching movies instead.

I chose Disney flicks bec. of their feel-good stories, and here's a little montage I
made of some of my favorite Disney animated movies.
These are the non-computer animated ones ok? Enjoy :-)

06 July 2011


♫ You make me happy when skies are grey ♪ :-) 
My best bud, Enzo through the years & he really does make me happy.
My stress, my temper, my bad day...they all go away once I see that face
and rub my hands on that cute wrinkly bod. LOL! :-)

He just took a bath and is enjoying his time
wanting to say woof! woof! hello! :-)

aww...."puppy eyes"
well-behaved too,
and as I've said in the past, even if some people make fun
of you, you'll always be my extraordinary best buddy. Mwah! :-)