06 July 2011


♫ You make me happy when skies are grey ♪ :-) 
My best bud, Enzo through the years & he really does make me happy.
My stress, my temper, my bad day...they all go away once I see that face
and rub my hands on that cute wrinkly bod. LOL! :-)

He just took a bath and is enjoying his time
wanting to say woof! woof! hello! :-)

aww...."puppy eyes"
well-behaved too,
and as I've said in the past, even if some people make fun
of you, you'll always be my extraordinary best buddy. Mwah! :-)


ram said...

cutie cute pug

Toyo said...

enzo say's thank you :-)

someone far away said...

i love that cute face and those puppy eye's...enzo's cute too!

Anonymous said...

Ang cute ni Enzo. Kamukha mo sya....joke lang po. Mas cute ka syempre :)