25 July 2011


My gym. My sanctuary. A place to retreat to escape stress.
Hay naku ang daming kong problema lately.
Anyway, nice to be able to workout again after a 3-week absence.
The good thing about working out in your home is that, you do not need to worry about how you look like, what you're wearing, etc.
For instance, the shirt I'm wearing in the pic is quite old. Years old actually. May butas na nga eh :-) It even has a small hole/tore already, but since I workout at home I don't have to be too concerned about it :-)

You also need not wait in line to be able to use basic equipments like the weights for example nor do you have to deal with egomaniacal beefcakes who spend more time staring at themselves in front of the mirror than actually working out.
The downside? It can get a little boring and "uninspiring" when you're alone, and
there aren't cute men around to motivate you to workout more. Hehehe. 

Yeah! I still need to work on my tummy :-)
If you want the full monty version of the pic, you can catch it at the Guys with iPhones site. LOL!
Kidding! Kidding! I do not have pics there.
Kakaconscious. I think the site is for muscular men only.


Anonymous said...

what u mean "single again"?if i read it right,nakakalungkot naman.what happened?pero,ang cute mo...sa totoo lang.ang sarap mo rin...pero sad talaga ako,kung tama ang pagkakaintindi ko.magulo ba?oo magulo,kasi di ko alam kung malulungkot ako dahil sa last part ng post mo or ma-a-arouse ako sa mga pics mo.ano ba talaga dapat?

ram said...

for the 3rd pic......lower pls.,hehehe!

Anonymous said...

single again???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

some good things never last.minsan akala natin yun na,hindi pa pala.well,that is life.i hope you are moving on.and how i wish you're not closing your door.maraming naghihintay sa'yo.hahaha.kasama na ako.hahaha.kidding aside...don't be afraid to love again.kasama sa buhay yan.hayaan mo,i'll pray for you.just be strong and have faith.

allan540 said...

may i apply as your rebound love?

Anonymous said...

akala ko kasal na kayo...how sad naman. o sige mag paganda kana lang nang katawan para maging busy ka.

terry said...

it doesn't matter what shirt you wear, its the person inside that counts and you're better than any shirt. anyway, you're far too pulchritudinous to keep that promise you made in your original blog entry.

it's that word again my mate!

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments and concern. i am ok now as i'm typing this down (2/aug/11).
he and i cooled off bec. i was soo annoyed at him but we're ok now.
he is so freaking stubborn.
i still want to kick him where it hurts though.

greg said...

Super glad to know you're good now. Love is sweeter after cooling-off cause the "making-up" part is there... So would that mean you'll be back from your short blogging hiatus? I hope video blog naman... just talk about whatever! Kahit wearing tattered shirt, or maybe kahit wala. Hahaha! Please...

Biggest fan,

Toyo said...

salamat doc :-)