23 September 2011

Infatuation 2011

It's that time of the year again in which I'm going to name the men who
have/had captured my attention...and obsession. LOL!
This time around, we are going "retro" and all-Filipino. Filipinos after all, are some
of the yummiest men in the world.
I also mentioned the word "retro" because these hotties used to do
sexy local movies way back in the mid 1990s up to the early 2000s
when sexy R-rated movies dominated the local film industry.

5th spot goes to Anton Bernardo. He did frontal scenes back in the day, and that is because he certainly has nothing to hide nor be ashamed of. Hehehe!
In 4th place is Leonardo Litton. I like his boy-next-door look...that is until he takes off his clothes in which case you'll like him even better. Yes, he has big package too. LOL!
3rd is Carlos Morales. He has the best body in the bunch. I have a major crush on him. I still do. Very manly looking. Bruskong brusko :-)
2nd place is JC Castro. A model and actor, I think he's one of the sexiest and handsome men during his time. I like his face, especially the eyes.
And the No. 1 spot goes to, Gardo Versoza. He was such a hottie back in the 90s. He's still hot now, but he was sizzlin' during his younger years.
What I like most about him is his dark / "moreno"  skin tone. Very sexy. Naseseksihan talaga ako sa mga moreno. He's the original "Machete", a film about a wooden statue that comes to life...and yes the wooden statue is believed to have the biggest and hardest woody of them all. Hehe!
Gardo is the only one who is still active in showbiz.
He's still hot for his age, a hot daddy :-)
I'm curious as to how the others are doing. Did the others age gracefully? I wonder....
I wish I could have fun with any of them tonight. Hehe!
Pero one at a time lang ha, tulad nila nagkaka edad na rin ako. LOL!

06 September 2011


Bilang paggunita sa Linggo ng Wika at bilang tugon na rin sa mga taong lumiham at pumuna na puros banyagang mga kanta na lamang ang aking ginawan ng bidyo, ibinabahagi ko po sa inyo ngayon ang mga natatanging Pilipinong awitin na alam kong iyong kagigiliwan pakinggan.
Maraming salamat po. Mwah! Hehehe! ;-P
I am presenting 30 OPM Songs (Original Pilipino Music) in observance of the Filipino Language Week and as a response to a few people who emailed me requesting to do a countdown of local music. Magpakamasa naman daw ako. I love Tagalog songs too, ok? So please no more emails criticizing me for featuring Western music in the past.
Yan ha. Masang masa na yan. Kulang na lang beer and karaoke. Hehe!
Honestly, some of them may be cheesy but I like these songs.
Call it a guilty pleasure.
It's just sad that majority of Filipino singers today mostly sing covers of Western songs, and
revivals. Originality is becoming rare.
 Anyway, have a nice day and happy listening :-)

02 September 2011


Just wanted to say "hi!" :-)
Goofing around and testing my iPhone's forward facing camera.
This is an emotional breakdown caused by sudden breakouts. Hehehe!

I just woke up when I recorded this last weekend.
Not a pretty sight huh? Haha!
I told ya guys you'd hate me in the morning. LOL!
Yeah! I loathe zits ;-p