22 October 2011


Everybody knows it's a medical fact that watching animated shows
 keeps one looking fresh and young. LOL!
Well, that's just my silly excuse for my fondness for anime/Japanese animation :-)
If cosplaying became popular here in the country during my younger years, I would
have easily joined, darnt it. Hehe!

I usually watch animes during the afternoon if there's nothing much to do in office, or while working out in the gym.
Sometimes my "nanay" (mother) would drop by the office and reprimand me telling me "What are you watching? My goodness!" LOL!
 "Anak ano ba yang pinapanood mo, ang pangit! Anlalaki pa ng mga mata" Hahaha!
Even Ryan teases me whenever he sees me watching. I just tell him "Babe, don't mess with my anime and I won't mess with your chick flick, mushy, drama dvds."
Sometimes I catch him sobbing while he's watching dramatic movies. LOL!
Basta walang pakialamanan ng palabas. Hehe!
Yup, I'm an animéniac.
Keeps me young...at heart ;-)


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Anonymous said...

bleach should be top 10 dude!

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)

Anonymous said...

Ang saya saya!